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A young man who is considered the hottest psychic medium in the UK, Luke Danskin, will make his American debut on Saturday, Nov. 7, at Minneapolis Holistic Expo with the presentation of “A Journey into Spirit Communication.”

Scotland’s “Rising Star Psychic Medium” is the next big sensation that is captivating the spiritual world. Since taking to the stage, Danskin has “sold out” every single live show he has ever performed. Audiences are left utterly speechless at his capability to give detailed messages with amazing accuracy. Luke’s waiting list for private readings is five years long.

During the 90-minute event at Minneapolis Holistic Expo, Danskin will explain how he communicates with the spirit world and how he believes we all have this ability to do so. He will pass on messages to audience members and he will also discuss how to celebrate and be grateful for the time we got to spend with our loved ones while they were on Earth.

He shared his thoughts on coming to America, and on his phenomenal early success, in an interview with The Edge magazine.

Thank you for taking the time to speak with us, Luke. Please give us a sense of what you were like as a boy. What did you want to be when you grew up?
Luke Danskin: I had a very normal childhood, I really wanted to be everything — police office, doctor, teacher — the list is endless.

What is your earliest memory of a psychic experience as a child, and how open was your family about such experiences?
LD: I have always been aware of spirit from as far back as I can remember, but I kept it a secret and never told anyone about my ability to see spirit. I remember when I was younger listening to my family speak about spirit experiences that they had, so you could say they have always been open to it, but still I didn’t talk about my ability.

Where in Scotland did you grow up, and how open overall are people in Scotland towards psychics and mediums?
LD: I grew up in a small village called Glenmavis just 20 minutes from Glasgow. From my experience, people in Scotland are very open to psychics and mediums.

You talk on your website about your interest in martial arts as a boy. What benefits did you receive from martial arts?
LD: I am a 3rd Degree black belt in the martial art of Taekwon-Do. Taekwon-Do has always taught me self-discipline, and this helps me with my work as a medium.

When did psychic abilities start having a bigger impact on your life — and how did you personally respond to them?
LD: In 2007, my Uncle James passed away and I remember walking down the corridor to see his body in the bed at the hospital. The curtain opened and I saw his body lying on the bed lifeless. I looked up at both his daughters, and I could see my uncle’s spirit standing between them. This caused me a little panic, but it also got me to look deeper into the spirit world.

What type of work did you engage in after graduating from school, and how did it prepare you for the intuitive work you would eventually begin?
LD: I began by doing care work. By this I mean care for the elderly, disabled and people who were terminally ill. I have always loved helping people, and for me, this was a dream job.

It may sound strange, but dealing with people who where terminally ill was a privilege to me because I felt I got to give them that last bit of comfort before they passed to spirit. This made me think more and more about the experience with my Uncle and Nana.

Why did you choose to become a professional psychic medium? What is your intention or motivation for doing this work?
LD: In 2009, my Nana, whom I was very close to, passed away. But around three days before she passed, she said to me, “You see those people up there don’t you?” She was looking into a corner that I could see spirit in. I said, “Yes.” She then looked at me and said, “I have saw them all my life.” This was her way of telling me she could see spirit.

I started to pass little pieces of information from spirit to some family members, who were left astounded at how I would know these things. I saw how it was helping my grieving family, so that’s why I began my work as a medium. It is my sole intention to help as many people as I can throughout this world.

What has been the most moving experience you’ve had personally as a medium?
LD: There are so many to choose from, but one that sticks in my head was a gentleman who came for a private reading with me. He made it clear that he was a little skeptical about what I did. As I began the reading, I faced a window looking out and explained that I had picked up his dad in spirit. I gave him names, dates and all the information just flowed.

When I turned to look at the man, he was in floods of tears (happy tears). This man had just been reunited with his dad for a small period of time before his passing, and this brought a tear to my eye with how grateful he was. Before I knew it, I had his friends on the phone looking for readings

What is most difficult about being a psychic medium?
LD: Being a medium is a huge responsibility and one that I do not take lightly. All mediums are dealing with people who are grieving. But still I find the most difficult part of being a medium is when I get very horrific details about passings, because I get to see that in my head. It can stick with you for a little while.

You are being called the hottest psychic medium in the UK. How have you received such acclaim, and how has this attention affected you personally?
LD: I actually have no idea how that has come about. I currently have a five-year waiting list for private readings, which keeps growing. All my shows in the UK are selling out. I am so grateful for the support I receive.

I really am just an ordinary guy with this ability to communicate with spirit. Being stopped in the street still takes a lot of getting used to. I really believe that if you allow the attention to distract you, then you lose the real reason to why you do the work as a medium.

Your Minneapolis event will be your first in America. What are your hopes and expectations about demonstrating your intuitive abilities abroad?
LD: Yes! I am so excited about this event. Being in the USA allows me to share my ability with so many more people and help more people with what I do. I never have any expectations, as I believe spirit has that all under control.

How does your work on stage compare with other mediums we may be familiar with, such as John Edward or James Van Praagh — and what sets you apart from other intuitives?
LD: Personally, I work in a different way from many mediums. I believe that each event should be uplifting for everyone, and laughter is a common theme throughout my events. I want people to celebrate the lives of their loved ones in the spirit world, and I want them to leave the event feeling uplifted, even if they didn’t get a message from their loved ones.

How do you view your abilities — as a gift? As your life’s mission? Do you do anything each day to get in the zone to receive information to share with others?
LD: What I have is an ability. This ability is in everyone, but some know how to work with it more than others. Personally, I do not have a routine. I don’t meditate to connect with spirit. The way I look at it is, I work together with spirit like a team. They know when I am going to work, so they give me the information.

The only thing I like to do before going out in front of an audience is sit by myself for an hour before the event. Sometimes I watch TV or read magazines.

Is there anything you would like people to know about you or your gift that we have not yet discussed?
LD: My biggest goal is to have people celebrate the lives of their loved ones and take what they taught you and teach it. The other thing I often tell people is not to chase psychic mediums. Allow yourself time to grieve and get used to that person not being around physically in the human body before seeking messages from them in spirit

Thank you so much this wonderful interview. I look forward to seeing you all in Minneapolis.

Luke Danskin will present the keynote event, “A Journey into Spirit Communication,” at 12:30 p.m., Saturday, Nov. 7, at Minneapolis Holistic Expo. Visit to save on advance tickets and for complete details. For more information on Luke, visit

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