Living in the “I AM Consciousness”


What if I told you that 3,500 years ago a secret was given to humanity that literally changed the course of human history, one that was so obvious, simple and unstoppable that something had to be done to control it? In fact, when the authorities realized the full extent of this infinite well of possibility, a decision was made that has impacted us ever since. It was hidden away, denied and generally pushed aside — and so it has remained ever since.

Until now!

Whispers of this amazing secret have been leaked through esoteric and mystical circles for over two millennia, yet it was still reserved for the highest initiates — the priests and saints, who legend claims commanded the natural elements to do their bidding, for good or for bad, since the secret you’re now about to learn was impartial in its application. Some used it to grow rich and wield enormous power, while others used it to promote peace and harmony — and even initiate world religious movements that have affected the lives of billions of people.

Let me tell you one more secret: You can only hide for so long. Sooner or later, so-called reality becomes unbearable and you instinctively find yourself stretching beyond the status quo into a new world, or a very old one, where dreams really do come true. In other words, the end is guaranteed, in one way or another, at one point or another, and there’s really nothing you can to about it.

So why start now?

You live in a world where your limitations are constantly reinforced, and where it’s easier to live inside the lines that are painted by people too afraid to live any other way than to say out loud: “I’m not doing this anymore!” In the past, people who lived in this way were stoned to death or forced away from the community so they couldn’t infect others. Most of us don’t need to worry about suffering the same dramatic fate, but it doesn’t mean that we won’t be ridiculed until we exhibit a more reasonable attitude. It takes courage to make a stand, but make a stand you must do if you’re to enjoy the fruits that others deny themselves. Then you become one of “those,” a new breed of rare and extraordinary humans who demolish the limits that bound our forefathers. It’s something we all say we want, but how many of us are willing to take the risk?

The most important lesson today is what I like to call “Soul Manifestation,” or manifesting the highest, truest longing of your soul instead of your ego. Thirty-five hundred years ago the door was opened, and now it’s time for you to walk through it. If you do, then everything will change — your mind, your body, and even your soul.

Did you know that God has a name?

From a Judaeo/Christian perspective, the name of God was given to Moses around 3,500 years ago when he asked a very important question. In essence, Moses said: “If you want me to do all the amazing things you’re asking me to do, I need to know what your name is.” Until then God was only addressed through titles, but not in a personal or intimate way. You probably don’t use a title when speaking with a someone you know and love. Likewise, when you deal with God, is it better to use words like “Lord,” or “Most High,” or the actual name that God prefers?

You’re about to learn the literal name of God, the one that has been used by some of the greatest spiritual leaders in the history of the world to create miracles. Now you can use it to create miracles in your own life, starting with your physical body and overall health.

God said to Moses: “Eheyh Asher Eheyh,” often translated as “I Am That I Am.” Moses then used the name he was given to create some of the greatest miracles in history, all leading to the release of Israelite slaves from Egypt. He was the first to live within the “I AM Consciousness,” something that we are all being called toward now.

A few years ago I wrote a book called The Moses Code, and within weeks it became an international bestseller. It was soon followed by a film, which was viewed around the world by millions of people and began an important conversation: Is the so-called Law of Attraction more than just using the power of intention to attract the things we don’t have, need or desire? Is it possible that it leaves us with the obligation to serve humanity and the people around us who are in need, and in doing so, fulfill our soul’s deepest desire and longing?

The Law of Attraction: the process of using our innate spiritual energy to draw the experiences and objects we desire into our lives. Often associated with the movie and book “The Secret,” The Law of Attraction has become a spiritual-pop phenomenon, helping some to achieve amazing results, while confusing many others.

When we use The Law of Attraction, we create a magnetic field that draws in the things we want but do not have. Moses had a very different idea of how it should be used. He knew that the highest application of this spiritual principle has nothing to do with attracting or getting what we do not have, but rather, giving away what is already within us. When we follow this path, The Moses Code asserts, everything we desire is automatically attracted into our lives. As Jesus said: “Seek first the Kingdom of God and all these other things will be added unto you.”

The Moses Code says that you can claim those things right now instead of waiting for them to appear on their own!

We tend to live in the world of: “Someday…after I’ve done whatever it is I think I need to do.” In other words, we usually believe that we need to be fixed in some way, and that the solution is off in the distance, somewhere out of reach at the present time. If you’re responsible and diligent, following all the necessary steps, then the solution will one day appear, and then you’ll be happy and fulfilled.

But what if none of this is true? What if the true ingredients of wealth, health and perfect fitness are already within you needing to be awakened? If that’s true, the only question is: How do I awaken that which is asleep, or achieve that which is currently invisible? You do it by simply claiming it, saying: “I Am That.” It is a language that is heard and understood by your soul simply because it remembers how you were created — Perfect and Whole. When you use the name of God, just as Moses did, that perfection awakens and takes over your life. You become a living, breathing “Manifestation Master.”

What is an “I AM Statement?”

It may surprise you to know that you use I Am statements every day. In fact, they are the foundation for the life you currently live — either good or bad. Maybe when you woke up this morning and looked in the mirror you said, “I am old,” or “I am ugly.” Is it any wonder that you never change, or that your body resists every attempt you make to move in positive new directions? Imagine what would happen if you looked in the mirror and said, “I am gorgeous,” or “I am filled with life?” Though this may sound simplistic, it is the foundation upon which you can build a new life, with a body that reflects your declaration, and a spirit that is happy and fulfilled.

The purpose of this lesson is to teach you the power of those simple words “I AM,” and to help you use them to change your life. When you use this phrase consciously instead of unconsciously, they become the building blocks to creating a new life, and ultimately, a new world. Does that seem possible? Moses did it 3,500 years ago, and you can do it, as well. All you need to do is claim what is already yours. You do this by using the name of God: “I AM,” followed by whatever it is you want to embody. Perhaps you want to experience more intimacy in your life. Instead of saying: “I Am Alone,” say: “I Am Perfect and Whole.” I promise that when you do this, you will see miracles happen all around you.

It may seem simple and even ridiculous, but the greatest spiritual lessons and tools usually are. Experiment with it a bit and you’ll see for yourself that The Moses Code really is the most powerful manifestation process in history.

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  1. Great content. But how bad of you to credit ‘Moses’ with it. All the Indic religions and school of thoughts said this way before any of the abrahamic faiths.


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