Star Children: Ready or Not World…We’re Already Here!


Today’s modern parents are beginning to seek out answers from spirituality when it comes to understanding their children. Many psychics won’t read children under the age of 16 or 18. Yet, we take the opposite approach and consider it a sacred gift to provide these souls and their caretakers with information that will enrich and make sense of their earthly journey. Through our work we have come to intimately know and understand “Star Children.”

A Star Child is an over-arching term that is used to describe the spiritual generations of “Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow” children. The reason that the term “star” is used is that while each of these three generations have very unique and different characteristics, they have one thing in common. The souls of these children are old and wise, and they most likely have never lived on the Earth before. Most have chosen to experience a physical reality in another part of the galaxy and so, in turn, we on Earth have given them the label of “star children.” The specific terms of Indigo, Crystal, and Rainbow refer to the auras that surround them. Indigos have a rich blue aura, crystals have a translucent aura filled with pastel colors, and rainbows have auras that are filled with many colors.

So, why at this point in the Earth’s evolution have these souls chosen to take on this new challenge? The souls of star children agreed prior to incarnating that they would take on the mission of changing and shifting the energy of Earth. They could break down and change old systems easily because they had no previous comfort or attachment to them.

Let’s explore each group:

  • Indigos — They were sent to be warriors. Their purpose is to fight and find the truth at all costs. It is not uncommon for an Indigo to take the approach, “You lie to me, then you are dead to me.” They have little patience for those who do not live by the truth, even if it hurts someone’s feelings. This becomes especially interesting for parents who are often lightworkers and try to heal or make things OK at any cost. Indigos don’t see the logic in keeping anything that isn’t working, whether it is the refrigerator that needs repair or the legal system that is flawed or inhumane. Most Indigos have significant reactions or allergies to food additives or dyes.
  • Crystals — These children are very different from Indigos. Crystals take advantage of the work that Indigos did to break things down. They literally see things with “new eyes.” One physical characteristic of crystals is that they have very large eyes. Many crystals have delayed speech because they had no need for it as toddlers. Instead of developing their verbal skills, they were already communicating through telepathy. Many crystals are labeled as “autistic,” though the label is applied in error.
  • Rainbows — These children are considered to be the most balanced of all the spiritual generations and have the most spiritual gifts. They are our fullest potential! Rainbow children are more interested in giving than in receiving. Due to their high vibrations, these children commonly do not choose to be born into dysfunctional families. They have no earthly karma to work through, so they are free to live to their highest ambitions.

Parenting these spiritual generations can be a challenge. Teaching them becomes even more difficult within a school system structure that was built during the industrial revolution and is designed so each student experiences the same curriculum, learns at the same pace and does not cause disruptions. Yet, one of the soul purposes of an Indigo is to cause purposeful disruptions — to change what no longer works.

Adults often feel that education is going down hill because kids just don’t care. We might suggest that it isn’t that they don’t care, but rather, the system and those entrusted to run the system don’t understand the needs of star children.

As the parent or caretaker of one of these special souls, your job is to keep them safe and support them in their life purpose. Part of your life purpose was accepting the challenge and joy of raising a profoundly spiritually gifted soul. Instead of fighting it, enjoy the journey of looking through the eyes of a “star!” All children should be cherished and loved for who they are — not what we want them to be.

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Earc Earll & Bert Allen
Eric Earll is a psychic and spiritual teacher and Bert Allen is a psychic medium, spiritual teacher and healer. Together they are known as 2GuysInTheKnow. The "2 Guys" use their psychic toolboxes collaboratively to provide clients with unique, multi-perspective messages that enhance and deepen connections with higher self, spirits, guides, angels, and loved ones that have passed. Eric's quick wit and "tell it like is" approach coupled with Bert's laid back and calm style help individuals gain insight and foster hope in a fun, relaxed, and positive atmosphere. They travel extensively throughout the Midwest (and most recently the west coast) appearing at expos and teaching classes. Tune in and listen to Eric and Bert monthly on their Edge Talk Radio Show "The Multi-perspective Edge Featuring 2GuysInTheKnow." Contact 2GuysintheKnow at 612.656.9007 or [email protected]. Visit


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