A Mind Hack to Simplify Your Life


If you’ve cleaned your closets, simplified your meal plans and streamlined your workload and still feel overwhelmed, it may be time to turn inward.

Even the most simplified and well-ordered life feels like an inner tornado when you hold a different energy, expectation and intention for the various areas of your life. For a few minutes you hold a calm vibe about having all your bills comfortably paid and the next moment your sister calls for an emergency loan and your money fears shift into high gear. This sends mixed messages to the Universe, which at best brings you mixed results.

If you have conflicting energies or intentions within a single focus (like wanting to land the perfect job, but simultaneously wanting to start your own massage business and also wanting to spend the next six months in Thailand going to cooking school), then even when you are standing still, life feels anything but simple.

If you want to really simplify your life, simplify your message. This is a training method I use to help people improve their manifestation abilities. Mastering it makes even the most hectic life feel much smoother and simpler.

Many people have a guiding vision of what they want their life to look and feel like, but the only time they hold that vision and the good feelings they associate with it is for a few minutes as part of prayer or a manifestation practice. The other 23+ hours they focus on the frustration of not having that vision (which sends the message that they want more frustration), or they focus on the things in their life that are out of alignment with their vision and try to “fix” them from a place of lack (which sends the message that they want more lack).

It is much more effective to focus on the good feeling that you want for your life and to invite everything to reorganize to align to that feeling. Why the feeling rather than the actual vision? When you focus on the vision, you invest your energy in a singular outcome, which limits the creative flow of the Universe and may not bring you what you want anyway. A friend had attached feelings of satisfaction and achievement to getting a master’s degree. She put in two hard years and by the time she got the actual degree, she felt exhausted. Frustrated that the degree didn’t bring her the satisfaction and achievement she wanted, she decided that she needed to reach higher and get her doctorate.

Before she invested the time and money in that, I suggested that she focus on the feelings of satisfaction and achievement that she wanted, and then invite her life to reorganize to support that feeling. She did, and in a short time was offered a fun, well-paying job working with Ivy League graduate students where she expressed her creativity and expertise and received the opportunity for as much advancement as she chooses.

All that was realized when she streamlined her energy and focused on a single intention and practice: a fusion of the feelings that she wanted in her work, and inviting her life to line up with that feeling. She did it primarily with her job situation, but I always suggest creating a vibe that you want your whole life to reflect and inviting your whole life to reorder around that vibe — a very simple way of streamlining your energy and your life.

You can have a guided experience of this process at http://kristinemadera.com/the-secret-of-how-to-manifest-your-desires/

Once you simplify your message with this process, life reorganizes to bring you the fun, simple, abundant (or whatever kind of) life you want. Happy Manifesting!

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