Does it have to be hard?

My life has been easy.

Oh, the usual break-ups, jobs I didn’t like along the way; but my work for 37 years, though challenging, was sort of handed to me.

And my mother, through her criticisms and narcissism, definitely was hard, but taught me a lot through healing the pain I took on because of her.

She eventually died, and life got easier. I retired. Life got easier yet.

So, here’s the thing: I believe we can decide at any time to change a life of learning through suffering, to learning through joy, love and ease. And I think you can, too!

How? Clearly set the intention for it — simply, calmly, not in desperation. And repeat the intention to yourself as often as you need to. (Certainly if things get complicated again.)

Definitely, life brings everyone challenges, but believing they are necessary for growth, or inevitable, can draw them to us, I believe.

Setting the intention that life in this moment is easy goes a long way to bringing it to us.



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