Erasing Yesterday


“It’s being here now that’s important. There’s no past and there’s no future. Time is a very misleading thing. All there is ever, is the now. We can gain experience from the past, but we can’t relive it; and we can hope for the future, but we don’t know if there is one.” — George Harrison

Erasing our yesterdays and starting anew and refreshed each day is a wonderful concept. Is it possible?

Erasing yesterdays does not mean changing our activity on purpose. That supports effort and being spontaneous does not require effort. It does require a mindset of today being the day to “begin a new life.” As with tunnel vision, we only see today; the healthy, good memories will come along naturally. The less-favorables will fall away.

We can enjoy the delightful memories, but sitting on worries only causes them to hatch into more worries. Life is meant to be a joyful experience. We can let go of the less favorables and focus on enjoying the current moment.

Anxiety prevents absorbing what is happening in the current moment. It blocks the delight of a fresh breath of air, of offering gratitude for all we have. It keeps the body tense, which, in turn, affects our health, causing indigestion, headaches and other disorders that distract us in the moment.

By studying the scrolls in Og Mandino’s book, Greatest Salesman in the World, I am absorbing the lessons they offer. After studying the first scroll for three weeks, a light bulb in my head began to blink. Mr. Mandino shares a healthy thought: “Experience is comparable to fashion; an action that proved successful today will be unworkable and impractical tomorrow.” This moment is not a recurrence of success — or failure — from the past. It is what we do with it now.

A friend shared that she keeps a special time free each day for doing whatever she chooses for that time. Some have shared that they go with the flow every day. How much of that flow includes daily, necessary routines?

Keeping a running list of what we do through the day will tell us how much we are doing from habit and how much we are choosing to do spontaneously. Do we automatically fix meals for our family at a certain time? Do we make the bed before we leave for work? Do we drive a certain route to work each day? Our habits are myriad, even though we seldom give them any conscious thought. Do we smell the same fragrances each day? Do we only hear certain sounds around us? Or do we see something new?

For some people, a routine has set in for various reasons, with every day being quite the same. Variety can be the spice of life and working toward creating new experiences can offset the monotony of any single recipe used repetitively. Undesirable habits can be broken and replaced with more preferable happenings.

If visiting a friend or relative who lives alone or at a nursing home is long past due, one can prepare a special greeting card, a little decorative table favor, or bake something they can enjoy. Being able to present them with a gift makes it easier to follow through with traveling to see them.

I have written and allowed to happen, at various stages in my life, what I would consider my “ideal” day. Sometimes this includes a desired schedule of activity. Sometimes it includes a scenario of how I would like to see my life transformed into a desired lifestyle. By focusing on this in times past, I now see all of these desires molded into my life as my desired lifestyle. My ideal day now continues by beginning every day with meditation to “clear my slate” and start a new page at that moment.

Each day has been given for every individual to do with it as desired. It is a personal choice with how one chooses to invest time. It includes making decisions, preparation and a willingness to enjoy every moment.

Staying attuned to the goodness of today brings a sparkle of enthusiasm, elation, being in harmony with all that exists. It offers a bouquet of understanding and flows with the oneness of creation. Activities become effortless. This energy permeates every trace of life one can experience.

What is a desirable accomplishment for today? Making a special phone call? Getting some exercise? Baking something special? A scheduled meeting with someone? Working in the garage? Whether it is necessary or just a desire for getting started with something, taking steps, one at a time, can lead to success.

By staying in each “today,” we experience success in every moment! Thus, we can enjoy life to the fullest!

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Dusty Reed
Dusty Reed is a writer, educator and homemaker. She has shared her Life Now formula with myriad souls over the past 30 years. She says, “Writing is a joy! Whether it is pondering philosophy, new enlightenment, sharing thoughts, or questioning and searching…it feels good to put thoughts on paper and I discover something I hadn’t yet learned to apply. When it becomes a part of my life, it brings an exciting ‘Aha! — that’s how that works!’ Life IS a joy…every moment!”


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