A Pleiadian Message: Navigating the Shift from Illusion to Truth


Beloved ones we greet you. We witness you at this sacred transitional time on your planet. We work with those of you who call us forward for support. We honor each one of you as you move through your moments of human experience of separation, and then open beyond the veil into aligning to moments of Truth.

You are only here for a very short time, a moment really in relationship to our timeless experience within the Universe. You are here to achieve and understand this powerful transformation within you, and then you return to your place within the Collective Consciousness. Honor your time here and your experiences. Love, laugh and let go as you move through your series of life teachings.

Remember you are not alone and there are no wrong decisions, only a series of opportunities to learn, knowing you are the master of your own creations! Accept your own powerful creations; accept your heart. We honor your journey and hold you in love as you take your next steps forward at this next juncture of your passage.

At the very beginning of this month of November there has been a further change taking place within the dimensional setting of your earth plane. The magnetic energy of the central core within your earth plane has shifted, creating a magnification of a pure light force of consciousness coming onto the planet. This light consciousness is highlighting a new path for you to align within. This path is here to support each one of you to begin to adjust your viewpoint — from Illusion to Truth. You will be able to open up, perceiving yourself in a new light, experiencing a more complete and true dimensional perspective of who you are and what you are capable of in your ability to create. This new vision will re-align you to the multi-dimensional aspect of Self, bringing you to the deeper imprints of your sacred nature.

This light consciousness will support you to align to your own creation energy that exists within your sacred nature, and will enable you to be stabilized within your creation essence. An important aspect of this time is your willingness to reach inside of your multi-dimensional self and begin to utilize that which is an innate part of you and then to claim what is yours, right in front of you, within the moment.

Through you claiming consciously your ability to create there is an automatic opening up of your creation energy within you, a weaving action that begins to build and create from your heart’s desire within your heart center. You will be able to perceive the action of this weaving of your creation energy. Your own energetic weaving has the ability to move your creation energy into conscious action on this earth plane and then you get to witness that creation which you designed through your heart’s desire as it is made manifest in your life now.

This is your time to blossom, to be fulfilled by your own light of truth that you carry within you. This manifestation element, that is a natural part of you, essentially needs to be acknowledged and fully accepted by you. Then, most importantly, you need to be in a state of full receivership, opening consciously to fully receive all aspects of that which you have created. You need to be willing to “Trust” the manifesting process as it unfolds in your life. Simply let go, knowing all is in hand, anchoring the words, “Thy Will Be Done,” and being willing to witness the creation process fully.

These above steps are the most important ingredients for your successful manifestation.

The utilization of this level of your light activates yet another aspect of a sacred cycle within you as you initiate and participate in your full manifesting process. Understand that through the many actions of letting go, that you have said “yes” to in the past, there has been an accumulation of individual energetic events that have triggered fundamental truths within you. Your acceptance of your own ability to manifest your heart’s desire now, creates yet one more Truth to be anchored through you, and the wheel turns.

This is an essential time for each one of you to reclaim your place on the earth plane on a transformed level. An aspect of moving and anchoring here differently is claiming and utilizing your ability to manifest. This action from you moves you beyond the 3rd dimensional illusion and aligns you into your rightful place and power within the Collective Consciousness, which has always been part of your natural birthright.

The “Christed energy” that has anchored onto the planet since August is creating wonderful opportunities for each one of you on this path to empower you in this process.

Remember that we use the term “Christed.” It is not in your vocabulary, but it means the “Christ energy” in action. This “Christed energy” is giving you the tools to move beyond the old illusions of separation, enabling you to step forward, accelerating your self-resurrection process into a state of self-acceptance and self-love. All of which plays a natural part in your ability to manifest.

We are here, yes to support you in remembering who you are and for you to play your essential role within the Universe. However, there comes a moment in time when you need to take a more complete/comprehensive role within the truth of the unfolding of your Planet. An aspect of this role is about you significantly taking back your part as a powerful creative being, taking an active part within the universe to create a dynamic energetic change on planet earth. The truth is that the real changes here on your planet are to take place through your self-realization as a human being and awakening to your spiritual nature. Now you get to consciously choose to utilize your power by lifting the veils of illusion of being small and insignificant and realigning back to your creative power through a simple process of aligning to your heart.

Your true role is forged through your acceptance and understanding of your rightful place here on the earth plane on a multi-dimensional level. As you move fully into a state of acceptance, that you are playing an essential role here on your planet, there is a dimensional recalibration that begins to activate within you. This recalibration involves a restructuring within your own conscious perspective of who you are in relationship to the rest of the universe. There is a great importance for you receiving this energetic Truth within your heart space, because as this Truth anchors within your heart, a deeper alignment to your full light frequency aspect of God consciousness is activated and made manifest within you.

By claiming your place, “I am here now,” by reaffirming this Truth, that you have said yes to being here at this time on the earth plane, you reclaim your full potential/starring role of being here.


1. Open up through your heart center, (you do this by placing a hand on your heart and taking a conscious breath into the connection of your hand on your heart), and then feel your awareness deepening through your heart. You need to build this connection within your heart.

2. Now use the sound, SUN DAH, into your heart space. Feel your connection to your heart begin to open like a flower to the sun. Feel how your heart is nourished by your own unique frequency of the sound. Breathe and let go into your heart.

3. It’s at this point, when you begin to feel this connection to your heart expand, that you can fully claim your anchoring on this earth plane. I claim my place. I anchor my place here and now. Feel how your heart responds to this Truth!


4. This is where you can now bring/activate your manifestation ability. Bring the content of your heart’s desire into your heart. You do this by holding your heart’s desire (what it is you wish to manifest) in your heart’s energy. Use your breath, like a soft wind into your heart’s desire until it fully is received through your heart space. Wait until it has fully dissolved into the heart.

5. Then use the sound, SUN DAH, through the heart space. Feel a weaving energy of creation flow within the heart and outwards. Use the sound until the weaving is complete.

6. Softly witness and claim your ability to manifest, honor all that you are. Then breathe and let go, knowing all is in hand in this moment of time.

This simple action moves you beyond the 3rd dimensional illusion. You begin to move and align to your frequency of light, to your own flow of Truth within a 4th/5th /6th dimensional flow.

The truth is that you, as a human race, are the ones to reclaim your natural heritage through opening up to your unlimited life force that exists within your own heart’s multi-dimensional center. As you begin to activate your anchored place through your heart there is a whole new light cycle that is set in motion within you and your life.

When you anchor this Truth of your ability to self-manifest, an energetic change begins to flow within the cells of your heart. Each one of your cells has a transmitter that has been lying dormant until now. As you being to utilize your manifestation abilities, a quickening takes place, and an energetic flow of Truth begins to be activated through that transmitter within each cell in your body. We liken it to a pulse, “a heart beat of light” that begins to flow outwards. This pulse of light carries the unique divine frequency of your aspect of the God consciousness. This frequency, once activated, automatically anchors through your cells another multi-dimensional level of your own light consciousness.

This pulse of light moves from the transmitter within the cell outwards into the universe. The frequency of the pulse of light aligns you naturally to your place of origin within the light force held in the Collective Consciousness. This Collective Consciousness can be likened to a giant ocean of light, and you are but one drop of water within this ocean. You may think that as you move back through this mighty ocean of light that you may get lost, dissolved. But this is not a truth. As you return to this ocean you become even more defined within your self. Through your realignment to this light force you will be supported into your transition to completeness. This ocean of light force is home.

The role we play here is as a support team, guiding you, holding the higher dimensional spaces open for you to re-enter and explore the vastness held within your self. We will continue to play our role as part of a universal team that has been set in place to ensure the completion of the transition of humanity on your planet.

The universal community also is anchoring the realms for you so that you can rediscover and claim these sacred aspects of yourself.

Each one of you is here to play a sacred role, each one of you carry that unique pure energy within you. We are waiting for you to rejoin us within the Collective framework with your unique patterning.

We celebrate all that you are in this moment and honor each step that you need to take for you to have your full experience. Blessings, The Pleiadians

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