Invisible Walls

Invisible walls corral each verse,
hallways built out of concepts and beliefs.
No clear-cut lies; no truthful pilasters.
An egocentric life overlook;
constricts my bearing
to a narrow point of view.
Confines my self
to a measurement
of age and longitude.
Ancestral traditions are
bricking up this argument,
placing word upon word
they imprison my soul
inside these glassy walls.
Some are grammatically ruled
like gender and tense,
other culturally breastfed
like country, God and race;
but those dividing us by place
like you and I, us and them
are the tyrant source of pain,
because no man can tell a river
that is a billion drops of rain.
I surrender my voice
to the voice of the common good;
to wreck these invisible walls
so my divisions can be cured;
so my naked soul could stretch
to each cardinal latitude;
and unable to tell where I end
and where your body starts,
this poem would rise up
like coming away from you.



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