The Littlest Spirit’s Healing Drum


Healing with a drum can bring you peace, contentment and insight into life. It can reduce stress which causes illness and gives you strength and wisdom. To learn the story of the healing drum, we must learn about the spirits God created.

For God created the Light and into the Light he brought forth many spirits to live among us. As each spirit was created, He touched them with his magic and gave them life and gave them freedom to go forward into the world and live amongst nature to teach them many things.

Some spirits were shy, some were boastful, some conceited, some humble. He created them all different like we are to teach us many things. When he had created the last spirit, he searched his kingdom for the right spirit to help teach them all. Someone who was much like him, who held the Light, like we all do, but someone that could help lead the spirits and teach them the way of the Light. He found Grandfather Spirit and took him into the Light to see the vast marvels of the Light.

Grandfather Spirit was just like you and I. He had a part of the Light within him. As Grandfather Spirit looked around at all the other spirits, he asked God if he was sure that he could achieve this task. God smiled at Grandfather Spirit and assured him he was full of the Light and would know how to help the other spirits. I will be right beside you every step of the way, God assured Grandfather Spirit.

God introduced all of the spirits to Grandfather Spirit and asked them to come forward into the circle of Light. He explained that he taught Grandfather Spirit the secrets to be shared among them. As the spirits came forward, some ran into the circle to be first, some peeked out from behind the trees and flowers before coming over, and one little spirit came into the circle humble and wide-eyed, eager to learn.

Grandfather Spirit turned round and round and looked at each of the spirits. The spirits could see that Grandfather Spirit was smiling. Not just a smile but a warm and generous smile that ran ear to ear and illuminated his face. He was glowing. The spirits started to buzz with excitement and questions. Grandfather Spirit, noticing the Littlest Spirit, stopped and said to everyone, “Listen!” Silence filled the air. “Hush children, let us learn about the Light,” said Grandfather Spirit as he looked into the face of the Littlest Spirit. “What can I help you with?” he asked the Littlest Spirit.

Looking humbled and speaking softly, the Littlest Spirit said, “How do we know we are part of the Light?” Grandfather Spirit smiled at him and reassured him. “We are all part of the Light. Some of us just shine more brightly at times, but we can all shine just as brightly as each other.”

“How do we shine?” asked the Littlest Spirit. Again, Grandfather Spirit smiled at the Littlest Spirit. “We shine when we grow love within us. God created love all around us, look around and see the birds that fly, the trees that breathe, the flowers that bloom, the water that flows, the grass that grows to feed the animals who teach us many things. The earth is our school where we learn to grow love. See the spirit in each of the living plants and trees and flowers and microcosms, the spirits within the animals and the humans. When the trees love, they grow taller and wider and freely give out more oxygen. When the flowers love, they grow deeper in color and produce medicines. The earth is a continually evolving and revolving circle of life that lives and breathes and grows with us. Look at the spirit in the trees, see its face in the bark. See the clouds above form faces and shapes of all the spirits that have come and gone before us.” Just then the Littlest Spirit started to smile and his eyes danced with excitement, “I see your spirit within you Grandfather Spirit. I see it dancing in the Light.”

Grandfather Spirit looked around the circle at all the faces of the spirits…and they were all smiling — actually beaming from ear to ear, their faces as bright as the sun shining in the sky. Grandfather Spirit was pleased. He just stood and turned very slowly and quietly gazed at all the faces, not making a peep to disturb them. And the more the love in the circle grew, the more the trees grew taller, the flowers grew brighter, the birds perched on the wildlife that came out of the forest to listen to Grandfather Spirit. Everyone was glowing.

And when one of the spirits got tired and forgot to love, the circle grew dim so another spirit would send extra energy to help increase the love of that spirit, which increased the flow in the circle back to full Light.

And the spirits have taken this teaching forward with them into these days. When the world turns dark, the spirits love all that much stronger to keep the vibration high and into the Light. And for all the darkness in the world, there is Light that will pull you through it. Feel the hugs of the Light dance around you and dance into the Light.

For when you feel you need more love, have confidence that you have the strength to love enough to reach the Light. And that is why God sent forth Grandfather Spirit to teach us the ways of the Light. For not everyone can see God until they see the Light and spirit within others.

And seeing that the Littlest Spirit was so young and vulnerable, God reached in and took a piece of himself and made the Littlest Spirit a drum. As he gave the Littlest Spirit the drum, he explained that he made the drum from the beat of his own heart so that anytime the Littlest Spirit needed to hear and feel God’s love, he could beat on the drum and let it vibrate deep within his spirit.

The Littlest Spirit was so amazed and humbled by this gift, he looked it over inside and out. His eyes so welled up with compassion that he looked up and didn’t see God standing right beside him, so he immediately knew what to do. He picked up the drum and began to drum just as God showed him. The rest of the spirits then joined in, and together they drummed in unison, and they could be heard all over the Great Forest. And to this day, the Littlest Spirit has the biggest heart in the Great Forest, because he drums every day to increase the flow of peace and love in the world.

When you awake each morning, know that the spirits have brought you wisdom and clarity under the moonlight to illuminate the Light within you to cleanse and purify your spirit to renew your strength by drawing from your experiences to look within your soul to trust and grow love. Know that when you drum on in life, the Littlest Spirit is drumming along with you, too.

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