Selfies: Selfish or Soulful?


I’m taking a class — the “Wear Your Joy Project!” with artist Kelly Rae Roberts — in which I take and share a lot of selfies. I take pictures of what I’m wearing to bringing me joy and I share them with others in the class.

It felt so weird to take pictures of myself at first. Really weird. It is hard to see the reflection as good enough — not to mention the challenge of lighting and taking pics of the full-length mirror in my bathroom. So many hurdles and comfort zone red flags — but it has been exhilarating!

The class is an excavation of the unwritten rules we live by that limit ourselves in how we show up in the world. We learn using our wardrobes. It has been an incredible journey for me.

You may have seen my pics on Instagram or Pinterest, on my new board Playing Dress Up with Joy. I have started using Instagram because of this class. I have also taken more leaps in expressing myself, starting with the way I get dressed. I don’t just blend in and fit in clothing — now my clothes reflect sunbeams of my personality beaming through. Parts of me that are artistic and moody. Parts that are curious and defiant. Breaking rules of what I think I should do based on age, body type, or venue are being shattered everywhere.

You know those social norms we have been in sync with all throughout our lifetime, the confined frustration that is played out in our relationships, our workplace and our health. Could it be rooted in being unaware that we get to choose what we want and how we want to show up in the world? Yet, in the closets of day-to-day life, a quiet declaration of freedom from judgment and self-doubt fueled in a moment of courage, it can happen. Can a 42-year-old soccer mom wear a cowboy hat, rocker T, overalls and Doc Martens? The answer is your own.

You can do what you want with your life. You have choice, just like I do.

There are many ways to jump-start your journey of true expression. Centered with inspiration and creating momentum. To live happier than you are — to live more authentically even if you don’t know what you like or who you really are anymore. Any time is a good time to start rediscovering and recreating yourself. It is my goal to share the opportunity for empowered living, full on, with your heart in the lead.

I cut my hair as short as it’s ever been and I am playing with choosing a role and dressing up as it — a role that I like or have been drawn to, such as a rancher or cowboy vibe. I LOVE Junk Gypsy style. Not into the cowgirl boots, but Doc Martens or Converse or even a high heel could work for me. Gotta have some bling and a rebellious flavor. A little hippy flow is welcome and so is plaid and leather. Denim and pearls. Amen. I mean, A-WO-men.

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Bridgette Doerr
Bridgette Doerr, founder of Fairy Grasshopper, has a desire to Inspire! She is a connection and communication bridge. She shares positive stories of intuition and personal development. She works as an Empowerment Coach and Intuition Advocate. She is a Soulful Woman on a Mission to fuel the fire of people who are ready to live inspired. Contact Bridgette at [email protected].


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