Connecting the Dots

When I was a little boy I enjoyed number dot puzzles. You know the ones, with numbered dots that when connected together would create a picture. Each number dot puzzle created a different picture, all arranged in one book.

A lot of people are writing articles about what is happening now in the universe and on this planet. Writings about what works for his or her own self and what they believe to be or not be true. How things are and the direction he or she see things going and what has worked in his or her own life.

If a person were to believe everything that’s been written, the picture would have so many dots and it would be so confusing that no picture would ever emerge, just a whole lot of discombobulated dots. I believe the balance a person creates in his or her own life is about deciding what dots to connect and which dots do not fit. Sometimes we try to connect too many dots, and they create too many directions, and life becomes too confusing.

Where I am really going with this is the Big Picture. Take all the lives of every human on this Earth. Everything — in the unseen realms, the spirit realm, and every physical life form beyond what we can see or understand — exists in each moment. Now, let’s view each one as an individual number dot puzzle on a page within a huge Big Picture book. Layered is each page one on top of the other. Then remove all the dots from each page, place them in this universe and the result would create a confusing number dot puzzle.

The confusion then manifests on a personal level. The questions might be: Who do I believe? What do I believe? Who am I? What is real and what is not? What is true and what is not? And maybe even: What is Everything all about? Why am I here? What is Self? And what is the “All That Is” anyway?

I believe the universe is capable of maintaining a continuous balanced symmetry even when each individual cannot. In the Big Picture Universe, each individual number dot puzzle is a part of the Big Picture puzzle. Your individual number dot puzzle is never lost or not valued, and (even though it may not always feel this way) it is always recognizably different from all the other individual number dot puzzles in the Universe and All That Is no matter how confusing it all seems to be!

I encourage each of you to connect the dots in your life that you believe have value for you. If you try to connect your life’s dots to match someone else’s expectation of you, the picture puzzle dots you connect may result in a picture that does not lead to happiness or contentment.

The Universe’s symmetry is not predicated on You! Your life’s symmetry is predicated on You! Create a personal symmetry for your Self and you are a part of the symmetrical whole. But if your life seems to be an unsymmetrical hole and the dots you have connected do not seem to be working, just know the Universal Symmetry of the Big Picture is a constant energy that is always present. Even when you can’t or don’t feel it, it waits patiently for you to align with it again.

My friends, I encourage you to keep it simple and discover what works for you. You may be a part of the All That Is, but the All That Is is not dependent on the dots you choose to connect. The biggest difference you will make in your life is in choosing which dots/choices that are important to You! What you believe or don’t believe is always more important to you than it is within the Big Picture Puzzle.

No judgment. Just an opportunity to make more choices and connect more life dots.



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