Happily hunkering down in Winter


biewald-wideEven though I hear talk about dreading Winter, it is not dreadful to me. More and more I find that the idea of getting “snowed in” appeals to me! The adventure I now seek is satisfied in reading, writing and getting introspective in all areas of my life.

My spiritual practices include focusing on keeping my thoughts positive and constructive, health goals, loving relationships, and a warm, supportive atmosphere at home. This daily practice strengthens and supports me. As life continues to present challenges and conflicts, it becomes easier to view them as stepping stones rather than stumbling blocks.

The spiritual philosophy I have practiced for about 30 years is called Science of Mind. My prayers are affirmative prayers, called Spiritual Mind Treatment. Whenever a situation in my life appears challenging, I write a Spiritual Mind Treatment around it. Then…I let it go. I turn it over to the Universe. Included in my prayers is the phrase, “this, or whatever is higher or better.” I have experienced the manifestation of Perfect Solutions time and time again…for myself and others.

Life presents a variety of experiences, and it can sometimes feel like a rollercoaster. Tuning in to the beauty and easy flow of nature, can be a helpful tool in riding the waves of life. A few years ago when I lived on the 18th floor of a condo on the Mississippi River, I marveled at the changes in the river as the seasons changed. It inspired me to write the following:

The River is a Mirror

In the winter she’s a beauty
As the ice breaks up and flows.
Each day a new formation,
As Southward bound she goes.

Her source is in Itasca Park,
An unassuming spring.
Who’d guess that this auspicious start
Such power and might would bring?

From my vantage point in condo-land,
I have a bird’s-eye view.
As I gaze, she calms the nerves,
And gently passes through.

The water’s sometimes choppy…
Sometimes mirror still.
And the moon’s reflection
Always gives my heart a thrill.

Beside the moon, the city lights
Shine back majestically.
There is no charge for this delight.
I drink it in most gratefully.

Yet sometimes when the moon’s not out
And the wind blows cruel and cold,
She seems a sort of mystery…
A story yet untold.

Is there a parallel to life?
Our moods that rise and fall…
Sometimes light and carefree,
Sometimes a strange dark pall.

Our Source is no trickle.
Our Source is ocean deep.
It’s up to us how much we use…
The gift is ours to keep.

The blessings of the river…
All beauty on this earth,
Is ours to love and care for
And enjoy for all it’s worth.

So as I watch the river
Flow forward on its way,
I speak a word of gratitude
For Nature and this day!

May we all embrace each season and the unique beauty we are offered. As Winter enfolds us, my plan is to happily hunker down, go within, grow and glow!

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Rev. Joanne Biewald
Rev. Joanne Biewald began studying the Science of Mind philosophy over 30 years ago while working in her 34-year career as a stockbroker. Before getting her ministerial license from Emerson Institute in 2006, she became a Licensed Practitioner through Emerson. She then worked as an assistant minister for a couple years at Our Spiritual Center in Minneapolis, and then became ordained through Centers for Spiritual Living, headquartered in Golden CO. In 2013 she helped to create Mind & Body Spiritual Center, where she has since served as Spiritual Leader (minister). Visit www.mindandbodyspiritualcenter.com.


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