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Insiah Vawda Beckman of Ramsey, MN, passed away on October 24, 2015. Insiah was a mentor to many people in the Holistic community. In partnership with her husband, Gary, she was co-owner of The Edge magazine until 2009 and co-owner of Edge Life Expos & Events.

She was born in South Africa and moved to the Unites States in 1995 after resigning from a corporate management position. She was a Reiki master, minister, teacher and intuitive reader. She channeled a group of Light Beings known as “The Counsel of Elders” to assist others in tapping into the higher frequencies of divine love. Her conclusion on having studied several religions and spiritual paths was that all teachings are based on Love; her religious belief was Love.

Insiah is survived by: her husband, Gary; a step-child; three step-grandchildren; four nephews and nieces; many sisters, brothers, relatives and friends.

Owners of The Edge — Tim Miejan and Cathy Jacobsen — share their condolences with the family and treasure the many moments they shared in Insiah’s presence.

Public tributes
The following are public tributes to Insiah that were collected since her passing:

I vividly remember the day I met Gary and Insiah Beckman for the first time. I was a young attorney who wanted to follow my calling to give talks about psychic ability. They were…well, they were the oddest couple I had ever met. They also took a chance on me. I thought they were odd because Gary was all Earth and Insiah was all Spirit. I remember thinking that, together, they formed a link between the two worlds in a way I had never seen before. Years later, having gone from a professional relationship to a deep bond of friendship with them both, I can tell you that the Universe created an amazing thing when it brought them together.

You see, I can’t talk about one without the other. We golfed together, we worked together, we laughed a lot and we all ate and swooned over Insiah’s cooking. When she was diagnosed with incurable cancer, I told Insiah that if I were in her place I would be smoking a cigar and having a scotch. She just laughed and took a sip of her water.

It isn’t easy being a link between Spirit and Earth, but Insiah did it until she just couldn’t anymore. The day she died, and for two days afterwards, she came to me. All I could feel was love. No words. She was like that. Pure love. Hold that bridge for us, dear Insiah. Sometimes we forget where it is. — Kathryn Harwig, Maple Grove, MN

Love. That is what our friend Insiah gave to anyone and everyone. She could look at a child and pronounce them an “Indigo child” or an old soul. She loved children so. She loved our friend Gary in so many ways. What a gift it was to have witnessed that. She is adding more light to the heavenly realm for all of us. Thank you, Insiah. We love you back. — Joan Crawford-Dietsch & Jack Dietsch from the Minneapolis School of Massage, Blaine, MN

A great Light has left this dimension and journeyed to the next. I first met Insiah at the Edge Life Expo. She told me we had been together in ceremonies at Lake Titicaca. I cannot recall my past lives, except in dreams. I felt such love and soul recognition in her presence that I accepted the truth of her reading. I wish you Love and Light on your continuing journey, Beloved Insiah. — Janet Michele Red Feather, Shakopee, MN

I am not one to believe in angels, or anything for that matter. Yet, when you see someone who embodies that archetypal presence, you can’t help but think, “Well, at least one exists.” I have dealt with and spoken to Insiah on many occasions, and even though she rightfully looked at me like I had three heads at times, her love, appreciation, joy and kindness would always shine through. It just felt good being in her presence. Now that she is seemingly gone, those of us who understand this transition can have even more access to her glorious presence. I’d say that I’ll miss you, Insiah, but I’d be lying — for I see and feel you even now. — Hanakia Zedek, Minneapolis, MN

Insiah was very prominent in the early days of my new Spiritual Journey. I will be forever grateful for her guidance. — Stewart Onsum, Plymouth, MN

The Unity North Spiritual Center community was blessed to have Insiah channel wisdom from her guides for us monthly for many years. We all miss her loving soul, her cheerful presence and her reassurance that we are all blessed and loved. While she is not in body, we all know she is present and working for everyone and the planet from the other side. We love you, Insiah. — Ann Mongeau, Spring Lake Park, MN

You will be missed! — JS, St. Joseph, MN

I remember Insiah, not so much by her picture but by the Music of her Soul. She came into the recording studio one day with her dear friend Glo, and together they had their Soul Song recorded. It was such an honor for me to meet her at the Soul level, such grace and purity. I never saw her after that day in bodily form, but we communicated several times by email after she had grown ill and tired in this earthly form. I sent her my love then as I do now, as she is ever present in the One Divine Presence that all are a part. Blessings, dear Insiah. — Ray, Perdido Key, Florida

I loved Insiah very much and she was a great inspiration to my life!!!! — Sue Tomsich, Prior Lake, MN

When you mention the name Insiah, everyone mentions about how loving she was — and while I totally agree with that, when I think of Insiah, I think of laughter. She loved to laugh.

Last year when she was diagnosed with cancer, we began the third segment of our relationship.

The first segment was when she and Gary got married. I was fortunate to be invited to their wedding, and that’s when our friendship began…a chat here and there, usually about business and the expos.

The second phase was much more intimate. She was having some serious problems with her eyes and came to me for healings. It was a very special time for both of us, as she shared much about her life. We cried, we laughed, we connected on a much deeper level that remained until last November when the relationship got even deeper. She called to tell me she had pancreatic and liver cancer and had only a few months to live.

We had two choices. We could pretend she wasn’t dying and talk about superficial things to pass the time, or we could talk openly and honestly about dying — and that’s the road she chose. For the first couple of months, we talked almost daily and always found some silly thing to laugh about. Every phone call ended on a happy note. She’d call if she was in pain and I would quickly send some healing energy. We always kept the conversations real and down to earth. Dying is an important process and she went through it with such grace and ease.

We spoke on the phone less often as she gained some of her strength back, but we stayed in touch until June. That’s when things shifted for her once again. I picked up the phone to call her one morning and my inner voice said, “Your friend is not there.” I wondered if that meant she had passed away, but what I heard next was that someone else was living in her body, having the experience of life here on Earth.

Insiah had lost a child when she was in her early thirties and always remained in touch with her daughter’s soul. It was her daughter’s soul that was sharing Insiah’s body. Insiah’s soul had not severed her connection to the body, so that she could come and go while she prepared for her new life on the other side. It was very important to her that her daughter have the experience of being in a body here on Earth. While I had never seen anything like this before, it made sense to me that this loving woman would do this.

When she finally made the call to end her connection to her physical body, she and her daughter went back home together. It was really beautiful.

She came to me two days after her death and I was astounded to see the aura on that soul of hers. It was enormous. All white and shiny — and she was giggling at my reaction. She had a big smile on her face and said, “Watch what I can do.” She floated up to a big white cloud in the sky and became one with it, making the cloud huge. She popped her head out of the cloud and it was the funniest sight ever. We both laughed so hard. That’s my friend Insiah. — Echo Bodine, Bloomington, MN

Gary, my sincerest condolences to you at the passing of Insiah. Although I never had the privilege to meet your wife, I am sure that Insiah was a wonderful Soul and received a royal welcome into the heavenly realms. — Sheila Forester, Pittsburgh, PA

We came to know Insiah over the years as a solid presence at the edge shows, always beaming with smile and helpful. — Priya Jain, Edina, MN

I can truly say Insiah shared true love directly from spirit to anyone she met. She shared the kind of love and connection with people that I believe Jesus did in his time. I am so grateful and blessed for having known her and the many gifts of her time and knowledge that she shared with me over those years. — Sharon Wagner, Coon Rapids, MN

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