Spirituality, anyone?


Many people are very alienated by the word spirituality. Why is that? Has religion made people close-minded? Religion is only too often an attempt to constrict and regulate the way people think. It is institutionalized spirituality, and that just doesn’t work, because people have to develop their own individual relationship to being in human form.

In my latest book, I define spirituality “as a study of the nature of reality, starting from the belief that there is a force at work much greater than the individual self.” My studies have led me to the conclusion that we are, first and foremost, spirit beings playing around with being in human form, rather than humans trying to become Spirit.

The concept of Ascension, for instance, is based on the belief that being human is a lowly incarnation, and we all need to move on, becoming beings of light. But we are already light beings, and we have chosen to be human from that perspective. Our task is to bring that light to focus here on this planet. When we do that, we are fully alive.

This “light” is energy, which is power, which is creativity, which is life-force itself, which flows through us freely. It doesn’t just flow through our rational brains, which have been glorified by patriarchal thinking for centuries; it flows through our bodies. The body is an incredible source of wisdom. A quick brain can make us clever but it cannot make us wise. Wisdom is a physical sensation, felt in the heart or the gut, or some other part of the body, and it never lies. If we really want to become “more spiritual,” the most important thing we might do is to make friends with our bodies, and pay attention to the messages they are constantly sending us.

One way we can learn to promote flows of energy through the body is by observing what happens when we experience sexual desire. I’m not advocating having sex with your guru! But good sex — not sex by rote, and not sex done to please another person — is a great way to make friends with your body, and that is vitally important, especially as most people, women in particular, have been taught to mistrust their bodies from a young age.

Allowing energy flows through the body also is the basis of the art of manifestation. When we allow ourselves to feel how delighted we will be when we have whatever it is we desire — allowing ourselves to jump with joy and laugh with delight — we are calling what we want to us. It requires focusing intensely on what we like. Many people are more concerned about avoiding what they don’t like, which is often about stemming the flow of energy through the body, and being only half-alive as a result. Avoiding what we don’t like tends to bring it to us. We need to learn to focus on what delights us, not always an easy thing.

How to be fully alive and allow energy to flow through us is a huge subject, and cannot possibly be covered here. But there is one more important consideration that must be mentioned now: we are intending to be human beings, not human doings. It’s easy for us all to get caught up in being busy, because that is the way this society is geared. It’s worth the effort to change. Being alone in Nature is the quickest way I know of learning how to be with yourself, and developing a sense of all-that-you-are. (Don’t just do something — sit there!)

We have to learn to do nothing. In our modern-day world, that is also not so easy.

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Mikaya Heart
Mikaya Heart is a shamanic practitioner and a spiritual counselor, helping people to learn to operate from a place of trust instead of fear. Her students say that her radical wisdom and her unshakable integrity make her a wonderful guide in these troubled times. Mikaya is also an award-winning author and you can access her books on her website, www.mikayaheart.org.


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