Water Cure


Life lived cluttered chaotic certainless
Thinking from other’s thoughts
Mind filled rambling do this think that
Going coming trailing energy energy leading
Seeking water immersion
Cleansing calming certain surfacing
Piles layers going going gone
Empty to be filled once again for who or them
Smarter wiser knowledge gates flooding in with surprising freshness
Cool pour
Unentangled a loss but an immense gain of
Lightness summer breezes sweet falling snow
Crunchy leaves soft moss how happy
Face to face prison let up
Soul bare and secured now once
And for eternity I know the simple meaning
Of it all declared that one time when the dip went low
The return was the truth and climbing became fun
Misery gone nudges surfacing onto non-reality
Can’t fool me again barriers sealed holes plugged
Center core impenetrable and so happy to come home

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Christine Green
Christine Green is a certified intuitive life coach, clinical hypnotherapist and artist in North Central Florida. Discovering your life purpose and solving life's challenges often requires some care and assistance. At www.gainesvillehypnotherapy.net you can schedule a free 15-minute consultation and learn how to achieve more fulfillment and happiness.


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