Distance Healing with your Pet


When you enter a meditative state of heightened consciousness with focused intent, it is possible to leave your physical body in astral travel to help heal a distant friend. In a state of heightened awareness, almost anything is possible. The trick is to leave your physical body in a safe place, while your astral double leaves on a trip of its own.

I have personally witnessed how thought forms and also astral travel have power to heal at a distance. My personal experience involved a little cat named Miss Ben.

Miss Ben was a cat that I rescued from a basement. Her alcoholic owner, who truly loved her, would rub her the wrong way whenever he tried to pet her after too many drinks.

All she really wanted was to be free and breathe fresh air. One day, poor Miss Ben was hit by a car. She was crippled in two places and unable to walk. In fact, her veterinarian said that the severity of the double fractures made them inoperable in all likelihood, unless I considered taking her to a hospital back East or requesting the local university to attempt it. Most likely, he said, Miss Ben would need to be euthenized.

The doctor said to watch her carefully for a week and then bring her back for another examination. After a week, he might be willing to recommend her to the local university staff for corrective surgery. That week looked pretty long and grueling to me, particularly since I was scheduled to make a business trip to London that could not be postponed. Poor Ben lay in a cardboard box with the front cut away, so that she could occasionally drag her limp body to nearby water, food, and litter.

I asked my neighbor and her fiancé to watch Miss Ben for me.

Far away in London in a strange hotel room, I felt unable to help her, and sad that I had abandoned her during her darkest hour. Then an inspiration came upon me. I was not powerless, despite the distance. I could visualize her clearly in my mind’s eye during meditation and then send my healing thought forms to her.

I did this for the first two nights away, but I was still worried because I could not see her. So I decided to leave my body and visit her in astral travel. It was the first time that I had ever tried to visit somebody in my astral body for healing, and I was amazed how clear everything appeared to me. I meditated until I reached a state of heightened consciousness and felt complete detachment from my physical body.

I found myself almost instantly in my bedroom back across the ocean. I was positioned in front of my crippled, little cat. She lay limp in the cut-away cardboard box, with little food or water taken. I began to project my astral body into the area of her broken leg and tail bone. I concentrated on infusing her with energy and melding her together, not knowing exactly how the bones should be fused. She seemed to react to my presence, or my energy input, but did not recognize me as being in the room in any way.

The next few nights, I went across the ocean to her in the same manner and infused energy into her limp body. I concentrated on healing the broken bones and melding them together. Each night, she seemed to respond more and more to my presence.

The next night when I visited her, I did not find her in her cut-away box. She was nowhere in the room. I started to fear the worst; but then a quiet comfort came over me. Somehow, I knew that she was all right.

The next day I came home from London. I rushed to the bedroom. Miss Ben was there and responded to me warmly. She bolted out of her box and rushed forward to lick my nose with great joy.

When I took her back to the vet, he found her perfectly healthy with no sign of fractures.

This article was excerpted from Natural Pet Healing (Galde Press 2003) and its new Kindle edition titled Healing with your Pet.

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Von Braschler
Von Braschler is a former newspaper and magazine editor. He writes and leads workshops in the areas of consciousness development, time, chakra healing, pet healing, and dream work. He is a trained massage therapist, pet therapist, energy healer, and Kirlian photographer. Von is the author of 7 Secrets of Time Travel (Inner Traditions), and most recently, Confessions of a Reluctant Ghost Hunter: A Cautionary Tale of Encounters with Malevolent Entities and Other Disembodied Spirits (Inner Traditions). Von lives and works in St. Paul, MN. Contact him at [email protected].


  1. This is pretty amazing that you healed the cat, it seemed to work it was a process though. I’m sure the cat is extremely happy 🙂 Do you heal people as well? Or if you do does it have to be certain symptoms the person has?


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