Healing Dogs with Three Heart Balancing™


What unique beings dogs are to us! We owe all animals a debt of gratitude for enriching our lives and offering us opportunities to be more loving, more gracious, and more creative as humans.

Dogs, in particular, are a mirror; they, like us, are needy. Often, how we respond to our dogs’ needs mirrors how we take care of ourselves.

Because dogs are completely dependent on us to fill their needs, they will do anything to please us. We experience this as unconditional love. That love extends so far that when dogs are sick, they often manifest their owners’ issues, both physical and emotional.

Dogs love healing and respond so well to the energy. Typically, Three Heart Balancing™ puts dogs into a state of deep relaxation where they can completely open to healing. We believe it reduces pain because of the apparent peace that seems to fill animals as they absorb healing.

Animals take in the energy without rejecting it, because they don’t have human issues like self-consciousness, self-esteem issues, unworthiness or doubt getting in the way. If the connection between the dog and the healer feels right, they simply receive. However, because animals often become sick in order to take care of those they love, the loved ones aren’t always the best healers for their own pets.

We believe dogs are sentient beings with a soul. Communicating verbally with them often clears up thorny issues and expands their awareness. Dogs are evolving just as we are. A dog can truly be a partner in its own healing.

A husky named Shiva had an inoperable brain tumor. His owner took him twice a week to healing coaches for Three Heart Balancing™. Within a month the dog was healed! Generally people will have a discussion with one of our healing coaches before making a decision about whether to use the paid services of a trained coach, enlist the distant healing services of the Healing Hands Network and its volunteers, or be trained to heal on the animal themselves with the help of their family and friends.

Healing coaches can teach you how to work with serious conditions such as cancer, arthritis, stroke recovery, lung conditions to knee problems, ear issues, and other maladies. Options exist. Go to Healinghandsnetwork.org/healing/animals/ for an instructional video on how to heal your dog, as well as information about the Healing Hands Network programs.

The privilege of working on an animal elevates our human spirit. Though a pet will eventually pass, healing coaches and volunteers have seen dogs and other pets miraculously heal from various painful conditions by receiving Three Heart Balancing™ work.

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Jaentra Green Gardener
Jaentra Green Gardener is a teacher, healer, intuitive, visionary and artist. She developed the Three Heart Balancing™ healing modality, instructs classes and offers individual sessions. In addition, she authored A Healer's Voice, co-founded the non-profit Healing Hands Network and co-hosted an internet Talk Radio program. For more information on upcoming classes and services, go to www.jaentragreengardener.com.


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