A Pleiadian Message: 2016 – A Moment in Time


Beloved ones we greet you. We welcome you into the newly expanded energies of the year 2016. At the very moment of the New Year, an energetic shift took place. A series of strong destiny lines came into form on your planet, these destiny lines hosted strong forces of light that redefined the energies on planet earth. These destiny lines opened up in a moment, like buds of a flower opening to the sun, and contained the understandings of Truth of your transformational time. Truth was finally realized, anchored on your planet making it possible to be revealed to those of you who are ready.

This is your time for your own revelation. The wheel turns, and the winds of change flow unchecked onto the earth, opening up a series of multi-dimensional grids on your earth plane. This year heralds in a pre-destined turning point of a self-resurrection within your consciousness, so that you can emerge within a new level of you.

This is a destiny moment that was set in motion before you entered this earth plane, and agreed upon by you. With this change set in motion at the time of the New Year, you are now simply moving to meet this destiny moment within your self. We call this entire year simply a “moment in time,” for that is what it is in reality, a multi-dimensional moment of direct experience for all of you who have been Seekers on your path.

You are being called by your destiny, in quest of an aspect of your self that has been hidden from you until now. You have sensed, known that there is a defined purity for you to experience, to discover within you. Now is your “moment!”

Back to your flow
With the new energies coming onto the planet in this New Year, you will be drawn by an invisible current, an invisible thread and be moved back to your flow. This flow will realign you back to true light source. This is “a happening” moment, a sacred reunion of your self.

Through this invisible current you are being called by your own individual light frequency of divine pure source. You will be returned back to a place where you have always existed, on a multi-dimensional level. Moved back, aligned to a transformational sacred reunion.

There is much to be discovered and unveiled by you during this aspect of your journey. Many of you will come into a new understanding of who you are within the sacred whole of the Collective Consciousness. You will come to experience that aspect of you that is sacred. This sacred aspect has been waiting for you to remember, in order for an expanded collective experience to take place within you.

Your human aspect needs this sacred reconnection to take place now. A deep natural healing can take place through this reconnection enabling the human part of you to be able to function more easily than ever before on this earth plane. For the love contained within your sacred reconnections will deeply touch and heal your own human element. Through this metamorphosis there is a powerful opportunity for a physical renewal to take place within the cells of your own body.

Your frequency
You will be able to live through a conscious, awakened state in your day-to-day life; this will bring in many different elements and changes to how you live on this earth plane. Your frequency of light that you carry in this awakened state will help to transform your earth plane. Through this light you carry a synergy of the God consciousness state will automatically support all human beings. You will emanate this light consciousness outwards, as part of your natural state, as you move through your world. Your light frequency will bring transformation in the form of awakening to many, so that they, in turn, will begin to align and to follow their own unique current of flow.

This is “a moment” of mass awakening for those of you who have been seekers. It is an essential time for each one of you to let go and simply Be. You are moving into a time of “not knowing” what is going on. This is the time to let go, no matter what, and not try to make sense of anything. Most importantly, you need to let go of the human ego need to understand what is happening. You may be thinking, well I have already been in this place of “not knowing” and letting go!

You have to come to a place in your journey, a next step, of knowing that you will not understand your process. This transformational step will take you beyond where you have been up to this point. A deeper “letting go” is required of you. You will be moved into a very different place of experience that is totally unfamiliar to you from your point of view.

Steps forward
Many of you have taken steps forward on your journey and simply trusted. You have taken steps that have not made logical sense in a 3rd dimensional world, and now you are being asked to make a deeper commitment to yourself at this time.

This journey is all about you holding your own integral place within the Universal Consciousness. Your own central place originates within your heart space. Everything can arise within your heart space doorway. This doorway through the heart is your entrance into your Home space that holds your unlimited potential of Self. That is the only focus right now. You and your heart are the sacred connection to your own multi-dimensionality. This sacred connection through your heart is your key to unlocking the access to your flow, to your unlimited divine light source consciousness, your higher self.

With this tremendous energetic shift of the New Year, the cells of your heart have undergone a multi-dimensional transformation to enable you to move in a new dynamic relationship with Self. A dawning of light is taking place within each heart cell. We liken it to a sunrise taking place within each individual cell. The combined frequency of this rising light is birthing your own unique divine pure source energy through your cells. This is creating a natural pathway of flow to emerge for you, opening up an opportunity for you to align to your own flowing force of light.

Next destiny step
We are here with you at this new juncture on your road to support you in this next destiny step. The energies are in place within your heart cells and also within the Universe to align you once more back to your home space. Many different dimensional settings are in place to support your individual journey home. Everything is set for you to follow your flowing current, that invisible thread that holds your unique frequency setting.

There will be a different process for each one of you, a unique path of experience that is necessary. It is important to simply follow your own path, not looking back or sideways or forward. Take one step at a time within the moment, within each experience as it presents itself to you and allow the sacred movement to draw you into your own current.

At times nothing will be familiar to you; at these times you need to breathe, connect to your heart and let go. Be still and actively wait for the next door to open.

Many opportunities will be revealed to you, many of these will be in the form of multi-dimensional connections that are off planet. Some of these new connections are really reconnections, pre-destined and very important for you at this time.

Your rebirthing
These reconnections will give you access into the Higher Realms that will support you in your rebirthing process. You may find that the Angelic realms, the Galactic community and the Spiritual realms will be involved in your rebirthing process. They will support you in this redefinition of yourself as you transition through your transformation.

Remember: you are not separate from any of these individual light realms of consciousness. Each one of you is an aspect of the God Consciousness. We all hold that aspect within us. This is our sacred connection to you.

We want to remind you that we have all returned back to the collective God Consciousness. Now it is time for you to take your place. We liken this process to a huge ocean of light and each one of you is a single, unique divine drop of that ocean. You each hold an aspect of this sacred design. As you return home through your current of flow, we all become more defined within a multi-dimensional design. The whole collective God Consciousness becomes complete. This was always going to be the outcome, to bring this sacred design to completion and you playing an essential role though your returning.

You hold the full essence of this plan within your heart; you will remember that you are remembering.

Know that you only have to deeply desire through your heart to move towards this opportunity that is in front of you. There only needs to be the heart’s desire to deeply commit to your self, to be in the flow, and then just let go.

We want to acknowledge the perfect sacred timing of this moment. Understand this is a timeless moment for all of us to unfold together within the sacred collective energy. This has always been the design.

We call each one of you forward now, to witness your heart and move forward into your heart/home space, to reach outwards and claim fully that which is yours and has been yours forever.

Your heart cells will be fully activated and aligned for you to enter your unique frequency current/your flow. By the 5th day of your New Year you will be ready to move forward. It is important to take your time to fully claim this next step. Open up and call all your pre-agreement support teams to you. Then you can move forward with the below steps.

The Activation Process
The following is the activation process:

Claim your heart: Bring your hand to your heart space. Bring your awareness to the connection of your hand on your heart. Breathe. Use the Conscious breath like a soft wind, into your heart connection. Note: The Conscious Breath is done by breathing in and out of the mouth. As you breathe into your heart you claim your heart. Each breath claims your connection to your heart. Do not rush this part of the process!

Claim your heart with your sound: Bring forward this sound, AE EESTAH. Bring your sound into your heart. This sound activates a process within the heart cells and the multi-dimensional home space within your heart, aligning you to your flow. As you make the sound, feel the sound moving through you. Let yourself become the sound. This is your claim on your heart/home space. This is you creating your own sacred call of your destiny.

  • Now use the sound, AE…. bring this aspect of the sound into the opening and let go. As many times until it feels complete.
  • Now use the sound, EESTAH, just this aspect of the sound, and let go. As many times until complete.
  • Now bring in the full sound again, AE EESTAH, feel the difference. As many times until it feels complete.
  • Now bring your full awareness into your heart opening. Use the conscious breath and let go. Claim your place in your heart; move into the doorway of the flowing space. It may feel huge, limitless, as though you are in another space of experience. That’s okay. Just let go, and Be.

This is your first step on your next level of your journey. We will witness you. When you feel ready, call us forward and know that you have set in motion a powerful next wave of your journey. The love of all of us within the Universe is with you. We welcome each one of you to your homecoming. Blessings, The Pleiadians


  1. thank you Christine yes my connection with our beloved family Pleiadians as I walk in full faith even though my son and I are somewhat homeless having to pay big $$$$ for a motel room here in Murwillumbah
    Language of Light is my gift to Humanity..
    Ancient Ones are Talking

  2. I’ve been experiencing the signs , the uncertainty , then I realized I awakened , and became obsessive over finding the devine and sacred truth , I received a vision not visually but of words , that made me consious that a alien society from another deme soon had deeper insight and they guided us earthlings into finding the truth . I then ran into this article and the truth was revealed . I broke down and cryed. This has changed my life I’m finally at PEACE because I’m closer to the truth I’ve Awakened !

  3. Thank you for this crucial next step! I have been in this place of “not knowing” for quite some time… but have surely felt I am ready for the next step in my journey. I have battled with the human ego element of “needing to now and having physical proof” of a divine intervention from our ascended masters; I am hereby letting go of that and allowing whatever will happen to happen in its own time without questioning the timing or methods. At 54 years old I am older and hope I live to completely see all of the love and light of the enlightenment process. I understand that the ascended masters have witnessed me; I will patiently await their guidance with respect to the next step in my journey. Thank you, Namaste-


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