Why “Healers” Get Sick

Do you have friends or family members who just don’t get it? They have no idea about your healing world and make uneducated comments like, ” How could you get sick? You’re a healer. Shouldn’t you be able to heal yourself?”

Within less than a minute of the phrase leaving their mouths, you can feel your entire body go into constriction — and if you weren’t “awake,” you probably would have gone all “Housewives of New Jersey” on them, right?

Well, here’s the skinny on why healers get sick.

When we look at this energetically in the Shifting Into Higher Consciousness (SI2HC) program, we identify and acknowledge the body as its own individual consciousness.

The body is an expression of Earth, which in turn is an expression of Source.

Yes, there are many perspectives that consider the body as just a dumb unconscious vehicle for the soul that does not have its own thoughts or even feelings. We don’t see it that way. Our perspective is that we, as soul beings, are co-creatively existing within the human form, which in fact does have its own consciousness despite past beliefs that state the contrary.

When we acknowledge this consciousness known as the body, it starts to “wake up,” and thus, we give it permission to express its own gifts and talents that help support the soul to create and express its passion.

As souls, without a body, we are merely light and energy. Our energy is constantly changing, evolving, growing and learning. We are downloading new frequencies, lights and codes and are holding more light as our vibration and frequency rises.

The body, a three-dimensional being with more density, can’t always keep up with the rapid pace of a soul’s evolution. It can run into difficulty adjusting to the amount of light it’s being asked to hold and can have trouble integrating these high frequencies.

Another reason the body gets sick is because you, as a soul, have asked the body to project to you what you’re creating in your life through the process of physical discord/disease. These types of lessons are usually contracted and agreed upon between the soul and the body prior to birth — and they can be quite taxing on the body.

Metaphysically, illness is primarily derived from your thoughts, feelings and beliefs held in your energy fields, which eventually manifest into the physical human form as a “red light” of warning.

So, let’s address the question: “Why can’t you heal yourself?” Well, you can — rather, your body can. Remember: the more you acknowledge the body, the more it can use its own gifts and wisdom on itself, and that includes healing.

However, the body is a three-dimensional being and, when it “gets sick,” it may require some three-dimensional support. This can include but is not limited to chiropractic care, massage, cupping, supplements, exercise, yoga, meditation or prescribed medications, depending upon what it is you’re presenting with and how severe your situation is.

So the next time you “get sick,” we invite you not to look at it from a place of failure, but rather from a place of, “Whoa, I’m doing so much soul work in the higher realms that my body is having some trouble integrating it all.”

You are a soul in a body having a human experience — and sometimes that body gets a little overwhelmed. As steward to your body, it’s your job to support it, whatever it needs, in order for the two of you to work co-creatively in the expression of your passion and desires.


  1. Elizabeth, in your article you wrote: “Metaphysically, illness is primarily derived from your thoughts, feelings and beliefs held in your energy fields, which eventually manifest into the physical human form as a “red light” of warning.”

    I do not get sick, have not been sick for years and do not plan on getting sick. But this statement is awesome and explains why I do not get sick.
    1. I don’t have thoughts! I experience thought that flow to me that I recognize are a part of the flow. Since I do not own the thoughts as mine, they cannot own me.
    2. I don’t have feelings! I experience energy associated with feeling that invites me into a place of experiencing and possibly exploring what is within ‘a-ny’ feeling. But since I do not own that feeling, that feeling cannot own me.
    3. I don’t have beliefs! I observe the beliefs of others and recognize how all consuming they can be. Most people own their beliefs. If I don’t own a belief, then that belief cannot own me, and if it does not own me, then other’s associated with that belief cannot control or own or choose for me either.

    Since the only energy I hold in my ‘Energy Field’ is My Energy of Self, there are no red lights or warnings to go off!

    Keep it simple! The more one holds on to, the more what one holds onto holds on to them. When you hold onto nothing, then no-thing can hold on to you!

    “It is all about ownership!”


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