A Pleiadian Message: Aligning to Truth & Knowledge


day-wideBeloved ones, we greet you. We are here at this time to witness you as you open up to the unlimited new opportunities that have been revealed to you since the shift at the time of the New Year.

In the first month of what you call January, your energetic and physical systems of your body went through a powerful shift with the opening up of those series of strong destiny lines that came into form on your planet. These destiny lines hosted extreme forces of light that redefined the energies on your planet earth, enabling you to go beyond what you had been able to experience dimensionally. These forces of light contained the understandings of Truth of the “New Dawning” time. These powerful transformative energies came through a destiny timeline at the beginning of 2016 to those of you who were ready to birth through the multi-dimensional veils.

Now in February, you move forward into yet another dimensional setting of frequency light currents, resurrecting yourself into other aspects of your alignment to Truth and knowledge. A further series of flowing light currents will be activated onto your planet. These light currents are designed for you to be able to access new revelations of understanding of this time, to remember your heritage and your plan that you have set in motion for now.

We have called this coming year but a “moment in time,” for that is what it is beyond 3rd dimensional illusion. It is simply a multi-dimensional moment of direct experience of rebirth for all of you who are Seekers on your path.

Powerful transformation
Your physical systems within your body have undergone a powerful transformation since the New Year. The cells of your body are carrying a new energetic light that is allowing you to move to an expanded experience of awakening, to a new meeting point of Self.

We, the Pleiadians, are here with you to offer support in this next phase of your transition. As you open through these expanded directional light currents, a new phase of unique sacred experiences will be revealed to you. Through these revelations, you will be able to open into many direct experiences of your own higher self, so that you will begin to perceive your Self from a multi-dimensional perspective.

Through this direct experience of your multi-dimensionality, you will be able to receive and experience your self from another perspective. This will support you in being able to remember who you are in your unlimited aspect of Self, for it will allow you to open up and receive your natural spiritual gifts to complete aspects of your destiny now.

The cells of your body are going to be transformed by these flowing light currents. An electrical redesign process will take place within your systems. This redesign will support the birthing of a multi-dimensional awareness of your higher self. The restructuring of your electrical energy will allow this new frequency of light of Self to be held within your physical cells. Enabling you to begin to access and anchor to the multi-dimensional higher realm aspects of your higher self.

These light flow currents are an important element to your own transformation. These dimensional flows move you through unique doorways and play the role of aligning you like a magnet to expanded aspects of your heart space.

These doorway openings through your heart will allow you to consciously link within the Collective Consciousness of the Universe. As you allow this anchoring, you can begin to take ownership of your own sacred design within the flow.

There will be a holy process of forging your sacred design as you become one within the essence of your being. The cells of your body will be infused with this light flow design; they will hold the imprint of your own sacredness of Self: “You are who you have been waiting for.”

A changing perspective
Through these light flow currents there will be many multi-dimensional doorways to which you will be given access. These doorways have been designed specifically to bring you into a series of alternative expanded experiences so that you can begin to recognize your Self from a Higher Realm perspective. This changing perspective will enable you to begin to experience your Self from another dimensional viewpoint. This birthing process will allow you to change your role and relationship with the rest of the Universal Community.

Know that you will be going through some rapid transformational experiences at this juncture. You may feel out of place within your own physical body during the beginning stages of your next unfolding process. You will be moving into unfamiliar territory and feel as though there is nothing left to hold onto, nothing that you recognize during this next phase.

Your 3rd dimensional world will change. The illusions within your world can no longer be held in place. Know as you transform, all that is illusion will fall away. So that which has been working for you in your life will no longer suffice. It is important to realize that this “breaking down” is an intrinsic part of your transitional phase. A lot needs to fall away, and that which does not hold Truth will simply go.

The perfect place
We are reminding you that, “all is in hand,” and so it is, you are in the perfect place at this time for your next steps to unfold. These series of experiences that you have created right now is exactly what is necessary to lead you to your next step. Your ego mind may have many doubts and questions. This is to be expected. Know that there is nothing you need to work out. You will be moved where you need to be, and doors of opportunity will open when the time is right.

The ego mind has a huge need “to understand” everything. Your ego mind is unable to understand anything beyond the 3rd dimensional illusion. “The need to understand” is a very 3rd dimensional ego mind process. As your ego tries to understand and get the answers, you are closed off from your heart connection and in a separated state. This separated state moves you away from your dimensional flow current. It is important to simply witness the questioning from the ego mind but not allow your Self to be moved off balance and taken out of the light dimensional flows to which you are currently linked.

It is now your time to begin to experience your Self differently within these new settings of these higher dimensional experiences of light that you are. Within this unfolding process there is a new depth of knowingness about your self as a “being of light” that you are ready to become. It is your time to begin to appreciate the multi-dimensional aspects of who you have always been. This realization plays an essential part of your awakening process. It is imperative at this time that you begin to receive yourself from this higher realm perspective of Being.

Your own experience of yourself “in the moment” can give you deeper insights of the role that you are to play within the collective energies of the Universe now. Through this “owning” of your divine light frequency signature, you will be able to access specific dimensional doorways that will reveal to you your sacred blueprint design for this time.

As you align back to this blueprint of Self, you can begin to manifest through your cells your imprint of light. This imprint of light carries the sacred knowledge of Truth of which you are a part. This “knowledge” has been held within the Collective Consciousness in the Universe for lifetimes awaiting you. This “knowledge” contains the keys to who you are in your entirety, these keys are your legacy, and they belong to you.

This “knowledge” brings forth change. Like the springtime, it creates new growth for your Self on a monumental level. This is your sacred time for renewal, for a metamorphic change within your Self to take place.

Now you can begin to reach within your heart space to align through to your own unique frequency of light consciousness. You are able to move through the veils into new realms and levels of receivership within the multi-dimensional aspects of your heart space.

Your time
This is your time to be given access to many Truths and Understandings so that you can move towards new perspectives within the full multi-dimensional world. As you begin to open up into this new awareness of yourself, an echoing from the Universe will support the transformation of every experience within your existence in every moment. The Universe will respond to the changing new perspective that you have within your Self so that you can move more freely within the multi-dimensional framework that does exist.

This mirroring will allow you to begin to play out your life differently, spontaneously leaving behind the 3rd dimensional drama and moving with a sense of clarity and purpose. This unfolding of your pattern energy flow will naturally carry a new integrity of intention through the elements of the unfolding of your own sacred union.

This process of your heart’s metamorphosis aligns you further into pure states of expression held within the universe. These cycles within the heart create a deepening of your own expression of purity, and at the same time, expand your own unique pattern of your divine expression.

Your role that you are to play at this transitional time on your earth plane will be unveiled in detail to you through this sacred flow. You will find yourself able to move forward with confidence, as you become the sacred design, living out that which is held within the cells of your heart space.

Find your place
We call out to each one of you to begin to find your place with others on your planet, to form a specific “energetic group pathway.” Forming these groups is an essential destiny design for this time on your earth plane. Each “energetic group pathway” has a unique frequency signature, and every one of you belongs to a specific “group pathway.”

You need the energy of your group to complete certain aspects of your mission that you have pre-agreed to fulfill for your own unfolding. Your own personal imprint will begin to impact others that are in the same “energetic group pathway.” Together as a group, you will form a series of sacred synergy designs through your collective personal imprints.

We liken it to a jigsaw piece fitting perfectly into a puzzle. Each member of your group will be individual and unique in the energy of their imprint. Together there will be a sacred synergy created through the collective divine perfection of light weaving through all of those within your group. Your group plays a significant role as you activate this specific divine consciousness aspect of energy. This strongly impacts your earth plane and Universe.

Process for accessing
Aligning to the Light Flow Currents in your Heart
1. Hold your heart with the palms of your hands on your chest.
2. Align to your heart by using Sacred Sound, ANAE SHEAN. Breathe into your heart.
3. Bring your hands to a prayer position, palms of hands together. Feel the connection of both palms touching. Breathe into that connection.
4. Bring the palms of your hands slowly apart. Palms are still facing each other.
5. Bring your awareness into the space between your palms. Breathe and let go into the space.
6. Now use this sound to begin to align to the Light Flow Currents and birth them through the heart. First sound phase: EE…. Second sound phase: EE… AEH…. Third sound phase: EE…AEH…LATAH.

Keep working with these cycles of sounds, letting go and just being with these new doorway connections in your heart. We send blessings to each one of you, The Pleiadians.

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Christine Day
Christine Day is a leading spiritual teacher, healer, channel and author. Following a traumatic childhood in her native Australia, Christine was diagnosed with advanced Systemic Lupus at the age of 31 and given a short time to live. Shortly afterward, she experienced a profound spiritual awakening with the Pleiadians, the energy of which moved her to a place of complete self-healing. Since then Christine has been presenting Pleiadian Events, Seminars and Transmissions of Light throughout the United States and internationally. Visit www.ChristineDayOnline.com.


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