The Heartland Medium: An interview with Kelli Miller


Miller-Kelli-wideKelli Miller is a transformational speaker, professional psychic/medium and spiritual life coach who helps others connect with guidance to work with issues related to grief, relationships, career, the body and soul. She shares insights with clients to help them realize their own talents and strengths to maximize their potential.

She’s also downright funny! She speaks from the heart — to the heart — and does so in a Midwestern, down-to-earth fashion by telling it like it is.

The Omaha-area intuitive is a keynote speaker at the Minneapolis Psychic & Healing Symposium, returning on Saturday, Feb. 27, to Earle Brown Heritage Center in Brooklyn Center. Miller will present an afternoon gallery reading at 1:30 p.m. Saturday. She will assist participants in connecting with their souls and communicating with spirit and loved ones who have passed away. Admission is $33 in advance at and $38 at the door.

She also will present a daylong workshop, “Awaken Your Psychic Abilities ($174 in advance),” from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Sunday, Feb. 28, at DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Minneapolis North in Brooklyn Center. It is a beginning/intermediate class for people who are interested in learning more about how to develop their own psychic abilities. This interactive, hands-on workshop will explore how psychic abilities work, the law of attraction (The Secret), meditation, clearing negativity, spirit guide introduction, chakras, how to see auras, divination, and all the inside tips and tricks of psychic abilities.

Kelli Miller spoke with The Edge by phone from her office in Elkhorn, Nebraska, about her personal experience with intuition and her upcoming events in the Twin Cities.

Often professional psychics have some glimpse of connecting with ghosts or other beings when they are children. Did you have any type of experiences like that when you were a kid?
Kelli Miller: A lot, yeah. My dad and his brother moved to Schuyler, Nebraska, when I was about 1 year old. When I turned about 5, they were going to start a construction business on January 1st of that year. Well, my uncle was killed in a car accident on Christmas Eve, so my dad ended up selling everything off and got a job.

A couple years went by and one day my dad said something to me about the car accident. I looked at him and said, “Well, that’s not how it happened.”

He said, “Oh, really? How did it happen?”

So I told him in detail how the car accident happened. He went sheet white and he just looked at me and he goes, “How in the hell did you know that?”

I said, “Well, uncle Jim told me.”

Dad said, “You know what? I believe you, but from here on out why don’t you just come talk to me about this. Don’t be telling anybody else because they are not going to understand you.”

So if anything would happen, and on occasion it would, I just went to talk to my dad about it. But as it turned out, my dad was deaf and had hearing aids. So half the stuff that I told him was just like patting me on the head going, “That’s nice.” He didn’t really get what I was saying.

Our house that I grew up in used to be a church, so I heard a lot of hymns. When we went to church on Sunday, that same hymn was sung and my mom’s like, “Oh, you like this song.” She didn’t realize it was because I heard it every night. I was able to.

I’ve always been able to talk to my Spirit guides. I thought that everybody could do that up until about three or four years ago. There are some negative spirits out there, too, but I have never really been scared because I’m just like, “Oh, well, you know, I shine brighter than you do, and it’s no big deal.” I’ve been blessed not to have any serious negative energies around me or anything like that. It has been very light, very positive, very good for me.

When did you first become aware that you had intuitive abilities that few others were experiencing?
KM: About four years ago when, honestly, I had a little bit too much to drink at a party and I opened up my mouth. A guy who was there was upset and just kept talking about his dad, and I’m thinking, “You know, your dad has been gone for eight years — you should be over it by now,” but oh, my, he just kept talking about his dad. I was thinking, “You know, it is not your dad’s birthday, it’s not your dad’s anniversary, get over it.”

Later that day, after I had had a little bit too much to drink, I turned around and looked at him and said, “You know, I don’t know why in the hell you are so upset. Your dad is right behind you. He has got rainbow suspenders, a black-and-white label beer, and he is smoking a cigarette, and he was the life of the party then and he is still the life of the party now.”

I turned back around and looked at my friends and they all went sheet white, saying, “How in the hell did you know that he was standing right there?”

That’s when I realized I probably shouldn’t have been talking about this. No sooner than the next day, people were coming to me asking me for readings at the garden center where I worked. I was pretty adamant, saying, “I don’t do readings. I just manage the garden center here.” After a while, so many people kept coming and asking for me to read for them that I finally decided that to get them out of my store and be able to do my job, I needed to give them a reading after I got done with work. Six or seven months later, I ended up doing this full time. I have been doing this now for about three years now.

What is your intention for doing what you do?
KM: I wake up every morning and the first thing that I do is I say, “God, please show me what I can do to serve today.” My purpose is to help enlighten people. My purpose is to help people in their daily life to figure out what their potential is, figure out what their passion is, figure out what their purpose in life is. I’m here to be that bridge between Spirit and us, to guide people on what they need to let go of or improve about their own life.

Every reading that comes in my door is different. Some people want to know about an illness they can’t diagnose. Some people want a healing when it comes to a loved one who has crossed over, making sure that they did the right thing. I get people who are grieving. I get people who are really happy and are just like, “Well, I don’t know what is coming next.”

Basically, I’m here to help people for their highest good. If I feel like I can’t connect with Spirit very well, I have no problem giving somebody their money back. It’s not about the money. It never has been.

I imagine skepticism is common in rural America. How do you respond to it?
KM: I like to tell people, “You know, you don’t have to believe me. Simply ask Spirit to give you a sign — and usually within 48 hours, they will. All you have to do it ask. If you don’t believe me, ask if angels are real. You’ll see a sign. If you want to know if your loved ones are around, ask them for a sign. They will give you one.” It’s amazing to me how many people simply forget to ask. It says in the Good Book, “Ask and ye shall receive.”

I’m going to have haters out there. I’m going to have people who are simply ignorant and are going to judge me for something that they don’t understand due to fear. And you know what? That’s okay. I’m not mad at those people. I never will be upset, because they just don’t know me. I’m just here to do my job. I’m fully aware that I am not going to make everybody happy, but I don’t honestly care what other people think. I care what I think.

I also figure you know if I can make it in Nebraska, I can make it anywhere in the United States, because being here is pretty tough. I mean, it really is. You’ve got a lot more skeptical people here than perhaps anywhere else, so, but at the same time I understand why I chose to be here.

Are there ways that all of us are using intuition and psychic abilities, but we don’t identify them as such?
KM: Absolutely! I tell people all the time, “I am no different than anybody else. I simply pay attention to things most people don’t pay attention to.” Everybody has some sort of psychic ability, whether it’s clairsentient, clairaudient, clairvoyant, ESP, telepathy. Everybody has got something. So, it’s just identifying what that something is and then using it to your advantage. That’s the point of having it.

Everybody has these abilities, and that’s why I love to teach. I’m getting pushed and motivated more and more to teach, because I want people to understand their own potential, especially when it comes to their own psychic abilities. Everybody is psychic, absolutely! Not everybody is a medium, but everybody is psychic.

What leads people to learn about their psychic abilities?
KM: More than anything else, it’s usually curiosity. Secondly, it’s my job to validate their experiences for them.

I may tell somebody, “When you’re doing the dishes and you have a conversation with yourself, you didn’t have a conversation with yourself. You just had a conversation with your Spirit guide.” What happens is that you’re talking in your head and then all of a sudden, your logical brain pops in and says, “Now wait a second. Did I just have a conversation with myself?” That’s ego. That’s logic.

It’s my job to validate the experience and say, “Okay, that’s real. That’s called clairaudience. You are actually hearing Spirit, but Spirit is going to come in in your own voice in your head, because if they came in their voice in your head you would freak the hell out.” It’s my job to help them to understand this. More than likely they are already having that experience. They’re just not aware of it. So, it’s my job to sit there and say, “You’re already hearing stuff.”

And to help alleviate any fears.
KM: Absolutely. The fear just really messes everything up. That’s why it’s important to understand what’s going on. You can’t fear what you understand or what you know.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if everybody was open and awake. It would be such an interesting world, wouldn’t it?
KM: Ho, ho, ho, ho! Everything would be completely changed, and what’s wonderful is that we’re very well on that path, with the momentum and the way things are changing right now. A lot of people will become awakened. I can’t wait, and I see now why I chose to incarnate at the time that I did. A lot of people are going through awakenings right now. It’s going to eliminate a lot of negativity and a lot of just crap, so I’m excited!

What have you learned from those who have passed over and what do they want us to know about life after death — even about heaven and hell?
KM: The biggest regret that I hear a lot of from the other side is, “I wish I would have done more with my life. I wish I wouldn’t have cared what everybody else thought.” And, “I wish I would have loved more.” It’s amazing to me how nobody ever talks about money when they die. Not one person have I come across that says, “Well, I wish I would have saved more money.” No! They wish they would have spent that money and not waited for retirement.

Love is big. A lot of people don’t express their love or they don’t know how to express their love. A lot of what they want to tell us has to do with loving one another, treating people as if they are your brother or your sister, and just really living life to the fullest with no regrets.

As far as I’m concerned, we are in hell. Earth is where clarity and negativity exist side by side. It takes one tough soul to choose to incarnate here on Earth. So, I always tell people, “If you could survive this, heaven is a piece of cake.”

A lot people like to think, “Oh, just because they murdered somebody they are going to go to hell.” Well, not necessarily. We’re all a piece of God’s light. We are all going to eventually go back home, even people who don’t believe. So, it’s pretty rare to talk to somebody who has not crossed over, for whatever reason. Somebody might come in to see me only a week after their dad died. It may be too soon. Let him get adjusted there.

I also put the intent out there that I don’t want to talk to anybody not in heaven. If they are not there, I’d rather not have a chat.

Life on Earth really is an illusion. If someone does commit a crime against somebody, who is to say that it’s not part of the grand design, something they came here to do for the other person?
KM: Exactly. Sometimes that is good old karmic debt, too. The basic karmic law is that you treat people the way you would want to be treated. If it doesn’t happen in this life, it is going to bite you in the ass in the next life. Sometimes negative things that are happening are due to a bigger part of the picture, but it’s still really difficult.

People who are enlightened understand that bigger part, but people who are unenlightened, they don’t get it. That’s a really difficult concept for them to grasp. Depending on who I’m talking to, I either have to really dumb it down or I can talk about that perspective. So, it depends on the person.

What common experience are you noticing in clients at this time and do you have any general tips to offer our readers to alleviate stress, anxiety, or depression they may be feeling now?
KM: Meditate, meditate, meditate, meditate, meditate. Meditate, meditate, meditate, meditate. I can’t say it enough. That is baseline foundation for psychic abilities 101. You have to learn self. If you understand your Self, the outside world has no effect on you.

It’s very common for people who are going through an awakening to have anxiety issues. Overall, however, anxiety is a control issue. You are trying to control a situation outside of yourself. You can’t do that. You can only control how you react. That’s it. Depression is somebody who is living in the past. If I were to ask somebody who is depressed about their goals, ambitions and dreams, they cannot answer. It’s their perspective that they are stuck in the past. Anxiety is fear of what if, future stuff.

To be in the here and now is an absolute must. You have to learn how to be present, and that’s difficult. Meditation is how you learn how to not only be in the now, but how to control your thoughts. Anxiety and depression are out-of-control thoughts. Most people don’t realize that they are in absolute control of what they think.

Meditation, meditation, meditation, in any way, shape or form. Some people can walk and meditate. Some people can sit outside and meditate. It is not just the full lotus Buddha position. It doesn’t have to be that way. There are a lot of different things that you can do.

For somebody who is not aware of the gifts of intuitive abilities, how would you explain to them what life is like with the abilities as opposed to living without them?
KM: Oh, life is so much easier. Mind you, I cannot read my guy, I can’t read my children, I cannot read my mother. I have to make mistakes just like everybody else. That would defeat the purpose of me being here if I could foresee my lessons coming. I still have life lessons, just like everybody else.

Being intuitive, I can handle those life lessons easier because I’m able to look at the perspectives of others first, instead of my own. I’m able to look at their perspective and then realize that whatever they’re doing has no personal effect on me. I’ve never been so happy in my life. I’ve learned a lot of lessons on how to live life from Spirit, and from people who have crossed over. They have taught me more than any human has.

People are like, “Oh, it’s just easy for you because you’re lucky. You can foresee everything.” No! I’ve had to work on myself and that requires exactly that — work.” People don’t like to do the work for themselves. It is easy to sit there and bitch and moan and complain. Get a solution, become happy, and live life the way that you want. Nothing good is ever easy. Not in this life.

More often than not, the general public’s knowledge of mediums comes from television from shows like “Medium,” “The Long Island Medium,” and the upcoming show “Hollywood Medium.” How do these shows help or hinder the work that professional mediums like you do every day in towns and cities across the country?
KM: I can’t say that it’s a bad thing because they make mediumship more acceptable. I’m more acceptable in society now because of those shows than if those shows were not on TV. It makes me look a little bit more credible instead of kooky.

However, you have to remember that it is television. I don’t think the Long Island Medium, when the camera is not rolling, goes up to people and says, “Excuse me, your mom is talking.” That’s been put on for TV — and I think people understand that.

But people ask me, “Well, don’t you go up and talk to people about what you’re seeing in the grocery store?”

I’m like, “In Nebraska? Are you kidding me? Grandma’s going to whip out a Bible and hit me with it. No way!” For the most part, I don’t do that.

How do your gallery readings compare with what we’ve seen on TV and what can those coming to your keynote event at the Psychic & Healing Symposium expect to experience?
KM: My events are not a whole lot different. What I do is I stand up on stage and talk about life on the other side, the purpose for us being here, looking at the big picture of things, and then I open myself up and whoever wants to come have a chat, we’re going to have a chat.

I try to be as specific as I can with as much evidential mediumship as I can. I’m not going to say, “Oh, I’ve got a grandma who died of a heart attack.” No. I’m going to say, “I have a grandma who died of a heart attack whose husband is also over here. They were married for 45 years. Does somebody in this crowd have a picture of grandma in their wallet right now? Who is this?” And one person will raise their hand.

I’m as specific as I can get, and it’s a lot of fun, too. I like to do a spirit who’s really funny or has a funny story. There are going to be tears, but there’s going to be a lot of laughter, too. I like to be a little bit more funny with things, just to loosen it up, because it’s not all dreary and serious.

What are your expectations for your Post-Expo Workshop on “Awakening Your Psychic Abilities” and what will participants there experience?
KM: Like I said, I absolutely love to teach. My two favorite things are getting up on stage and teaching, no joke! I teach three different classes: Beginning Psychic Abilities, Advanced Psychic Abilities, and Mediumship Abilities. This one will just be my beginning one.

I’m going to talk in-depth about how psychic abilities work, how to recognize them, how to remove any blockages, how to amplify them, how they work, and chakras and things like that. I get pretty detailed so people can leave and begin working on it right away. It’s really going to be interactive, so I always encourage people to bring any questions with them, so you can finally get some answers.

What final message would you like to leave with our readers?
KM: You have to stay true to you. Always speak your Truth. Be you. Don’t try to compare yourself to anybody else, because you’re not like anybody else. Be your unique you. And that’s hard to figure out who you are, but figure out your own unique you. That’s a journey in itself.

A lot of people think who they are is what they do, but that’s not true.
KM: That’s right. If I ask somebody who they are, enlightened people will automatically have a different response than people who are unenlightened. People who are unenlightened don’t understand that. They identify themselves with what they do for a career. And, I’m like, “No, you’re more than that. What are your goals, ambitions, and dreams? What’s your passion? What’s your hobby? What do you like to do?” And they’re like, “What??!! I’ve never had to think about that.” I’m like, “That’s the problem!”

You’re giving people permission to be themselves.
KM: Absolutely! And without criticism, because I’m not here to judge. I’m not here to criticize. That’s not my job. You can do that all on your own. You don’t need me to do it for you. My job is to help you get set on your right track with the tools that you need — tools that you already have but just forgot that you had them. So I am just here to help you just use the tools you forgot. Pick them up! Let’s go!

I swear I feel like a cheerleader half the time, but you know what? If it helps people, I’m all for that.

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