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sengupta-wideIn a fast-paced, modern, hectic lifestyle, the level of stress, anxiety, and physical and mental fatigue increases significantly. Today, people cannot even sit down for their daily breakfast. People are in such a rush that they are eating while standing and do not have time to slowly chew their food or relax during breakfast, lunch and dinner. Some people often skip their meals and eat irregularly due to their busy schedule. All of these regular irregularities will have a negative health impact after some time.

Easy and simple solutions exist to avoid imbalances and prevent regular irregularities from getting out of hand and causing a complex disease state. That is why evaluating early changes, in terms of imbalances, and individual constitutional tendencies, in terms of both body and mind, is very important. You can avoid many health challenges by following a diet and exercise plan consistent with your body and mind type.

Digestion and indigestion
If you stand while eating because you’re in a hurry, then your digestion and some gastrointestinal functions will gradually become affected. In some cases, acid reflex will be noticed even in a young person.

Our stomach secretes hydrogen chloride, which creates an acidic state in the stomach. But we need optimum pH for our digestive enzymes to act most efficiently. If we do not eat in a timely manner, acid will be secreted without substrate to work on, and if such regular irregularities continue, then it would not be unusual to see increased acidity, indigestion and even ulcers in the long run. In extreme cases, some ulcers can turn into cancer. All such problems can be avoided if we slow down a little bit and take the time to eat slowly and in a timely manner, while following a diet compatible with individual body and mind types. We can supplement deficiencies of vitamins by taking supplements.

No pill can solve diseases caused by deficiencies of consciousness, such as smoking, excessive drinking or addiction to sugar or other unhealthy foods. Most people are aware that smoking is injurious to health and that excessive drinking is bad for the liver — and the brain and nervous system in the case of chronic alcoholism. Therefore, wrong decisions can accelerate aging even in youths.

A specific diet based on body type, coupled with a Mind-Body integration plan, can help people who may be aware of the negative effects of smoking, excessive drinking and bad eating habits, but continue to struggle because their awareness never reaches a high enough level of consciousness to help them permanently change bad habits that negatively affect their health and well-being. By integrating mind-body consciousness and clarifying one’s thinking and living skills, such challenges can be avoided from an early age and can be reversed in many people. Specific Yoga therapy, diet, nutrition, Ayurvedic supplements and detoxification plans both restore and reverse many imbalances and altered states which otherwise can lead to complex disease and many chronic health challenges.

Dietary options
My diet plans integrate the concept of aromatherapy as part of dietary healing. Many people are familiar with the benefits of smelling essential oils through a diffuser to relax the mind or to improve sleep as part of aromatherapy at the spa or during massage therapy. But my Yoga therapy teaches people first to smell the aroma of the food — and specific spices based on body type — to improve enzyme secretion and digestion.

My therapy first works to improve the flow of prana — life force energy — during each breath cycle. This helps to improve major vital organ functions and improve vitality and energy levels in the body and mind.

Eating slowly is good, but its benefits are dramatically enhanced when you understand how Pranic healing works. It is beneficial to eat consciously while applying medicinal properties of different phytochemicals and biologically active ingredients in food, herbs and spices to maximize the healing experience in our daily meals.

Today, most Westerners are worried about sugar, and that is why they are following glycemic index-based diets. The glycemic index is important, but I find it important to offer a special diet that also contains opposite molecules to maintain a blood sugar balance. One group of food may be increasing the blood sugar while other groups of food may ce lowering it immediately. It’s possible to achieve perfect sugar balance without limiting carbohydrates from the diet. We must realize that green leafy vegetables and many carbohydrates are also needed to take in vitamins, minerals and co-enzymes so our many metabolic pathways can synthesize important biomolecules that stabilize our health and balance in the system.

Smart medicine
It is time for the modern world to awaken to the understanding that simple and easy-to-follow solutions can be equally scientific and medically relevant without assuming that advanced technology and drug therapy or surgery is the sign of smart medicine. The smartest medicine is improving and designing better self-regulation within the body and higher brain states for higher clarity of mind while manifesting efficiencies in consciousness to eliminate all the diseases due to deficiencies of consciousness.

This not only slows down aging, but it also teaches individuals how to slow down their daily lives to maximize both productivity at work, as part of corporate wellness plan, or higher efficiencies in study for children at school and universities.

Today, we assume that complicating everything is a sign of higher intellect and that simplifying things while accomplishing the same goal is somehow a less-smart approach to health and medicine. Nobody is denying the need for advanced health care to stabilize the body during emergency situations, but once the body is stabilized after an accident, other extreme health hazards or surgery, it is equally critical to prevent future chronic challenges.

The approaches I offer never oppose modern medicine. They integrate ancient knowledge and modern knowledge to offer best holistic approach health and healing in the 21st century.

My approach to optimal health is not only an integrated approach, but smart medicine, by allowing people to make more informed and scientifically relevant lifestyle choices for their health and wellness.

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