Take the Time before the Time takes You


richardson-wideThe mainstream, Western mindset — aka monkey-mind, aka mundanitude — continues to suck the vibrancy out of intelligent, creative, sensitive souls who try, albeit in vain, to fit into it. The resulting rise in health crises, both physical and emotional, coupled with the current spiritual devaluation of life reflected in the media, clearly demonstrates those devastating effects.

How can genuinely busy individuals, especially entrepreneurs self-employed in cutting-edge service professions, shed that outdated conditioning, maintain optimal effectiveness and enjoy life at an overall slower pace? Here are six easily incorporated suggestions:

1. Breathe. We have to breathe anyway, so do it properly. Slow it down. Add conscious focus to drawing air into the body. Take it in, all the way down past the navel. Inhale slowly. Appreciate the vibrancy that the precious natural resource brings into your presence. Exhale slowly, releasing that gratitude into the atmosphere. Feel calmer? When we hold our calm center regardless of circumstances around us, we make more responsible choices resulting in increased satisfaction with our lives.

2. Take five-minute breaks throughout the workday. If you’re retired or at leisure — great! For those whose normal day flows with significant interactions such as business meetings, simply excuse yourself to the bathroom for a few minutes. Take the reins of your presence back from the cacophony of ideas moving back and forth. Regroup and return.

3. Build in 20 minutes to connect with your higher self, Spirit, Divinity — whatever term you use, just do it — at the beginning and/or end of each day. Tony Robbins and Oprah, both of whom are well-known, pedal-to-the-metal busy entrepreneurs, each engage in daily 20-minute practices to keep their pace of life regulated and connected. The first sets aside 20 minutes at the beginning of the day, to marinate in gratitude. Select three things that you are truly grateful for. Sit with that feeling at the start of your day. The second sets aside 20 minutes at the end of the day, to stand outside with palms outstretched, turned upward to the heavens, asking, “How can I love more fully? How can I serve more deeply? Please, Spirit, come sit in my heart.” Twenty minutes that can change the pace of your day and improve the quality of your life, even if you are responsible for multiple business ventures.

4. Wiggle your toes. Especially effective and easy for those who attend multiple meetings weekly, wiggling your toes can help pull your energy back into your body during hectic times and keep you grounded. It is a fairly invisible activity, so will not attract unwanted attention. Staying grounded regardless of the level of activity around you keeps you in the driver’s seat of your day’s pace, and, increases the quality of your life because you are participating in it. You are acting rather than reacting, making choices from your own conscious presence.

5. Prioritize self-care! My own practice is to block off My Meditation Monday and protect it regardless. Choose a regular time to honor your own self-care. The operative word is “regular.” Don’t put it off as a last priority to attend to as long as something else doesn’t come up. THAT’s what’s up. Take the time before the time takes you. You’re worth it. Explore what self-care practices work best for you.

6. Remember that you don’t have to do everything all at once! Cut down on multi-tasking. Do one thing at a time, with focused attention. Create a small to-do list, even on a Post-it note, and add a “to be” list on the other side. For example, on the flip side of your list of tasks to be completed, you might write “centered,” “present,” “loving.” I’m sure you get the drift.

I wish you increased enjoyment of your lives, even those who live in a purposefully busy manner!

To receive a free resource, “The B-Natural Food for the Soul Self-Care & Maintenance Guide,” email [email protected] with, “Yes, please” in the subject heading. This well-organized pdf file includes self-care tips addressing physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and lifestyle self-care tips, as well as several photos of beautiful Kaua’i, with the intention of improving the quality of self-care worldwide.

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T. Renee Richardson, D.D.
T. Renee Richardson, D.D., is "The AmBadassador of Light!" and author of the upcoming, Fiddy Grades of Yay, a metaphysical erotica collection. She is a well-respected healer and clairvoyant with over 35 years of experience helping thousands of clients worldwide to effectively achieve their cutting-edge goals. She offers appointments via phone for your convenience, and loves providing an accessible network of support to those experiencing life transitions, such as career change, business expansion, and retirement, helping individuals build joyous, loving lives of new vibrancy. Contact her at [email protected], and visit www.psychic-services.com.


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