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schuster-wideMental illness, as I am totally aware, takes place when an individual is possessed by those who have lived a human life and died. Other unseen energy forces and entities not understood to exist also move in on a human body and consciousness.

These energy forces have an ability to control and even take over a person’s life. The true consciousness of a person is essentially pushed out of the body or is manipulated constantly. These other conscious energies or entities invade, inhabit and take over. They feed energetically from the powerful life force of a given human body, and they abuse the person to the degree to which each is vulnerable.

Often, this results in being hospitalized in a mental institution or facing a lifetime of mental illness.

End of mental illness
Mental illness and possession is going to end. Just put this fact in your pocket and be aware as this process begins to evolve, take place and become apparent. We are consciously moving towards this outcome and, as it takes place, it will be written about. It may take a little while for this trend to be realized by society as a whole, but it will take place. It already is underway for many individuals.

This is part of the process of Self. Within the Universal Self, a balance is desired. That also is true for the individual Self. The individual Self born to each human body at times may be pushed out and overpowered by these unseen energy forces or entities, but it is beginning to slowly return to reclaim its life. One by one, these possessing and controlling consciousnesses essentially are beginning to leave.

The healing process is gradual, but unstoppable. People who have been relegated to the many institutions that house, drug and keep them prisoner will, one by one, begin to be released as they demonstrate that they are capable of returning to mainstream society.

In the process, the possessing energies and entities will be leaving as they let go and lose their power and energy to hold on to a person’s body and energy. The result will be seen as miraculous and unprecedented.

Forget why they exist
As the evolution of consciousness evolves and continues, all 3rd dimensional conscious energy will disappear, dissolve, transform, be assimilated into the whole, and transition. These old 3rd dimensional consciousness energies will forget why they exist, who they have been and why they are connected to a person or this planet — and then they will leave without a fight, because they will be unaware of what is taking place.

Essentially, they are in a process of dying. While the forgetting is taking place, with their backs against the wall, they are acting like a caged animal who wants an all-out war. This is what is taking place now in our society, as possessed and manipulated humans destroy each other.

This will take place until it does not — and the not is assured!

The result will be no more hearing of voices that push and drive a person insane. This not only will take place for those in institutions, it will take place around the planet for humans who are experiencing different degrees of mental illness and mind control and committing horrific acts against others.

Horrific terrorism
Dysfunctional consciousness energies possess mankind. The details of horrific acts taking place around us by people against other humans is only symptomatic of what is taking place within the mind and consciousness energy of a person.

The horrendous acts taking place cannot really be understood on a human level right now. Humans judge the act and wonder why it took place. Horrific terrorism acts are taking place because these energies and entities have been controlling individuals — and they are fighting to remain in control of human behavior any way possible.

When the 3rd dimension source energies lose power over human beings, then peace on Earth is truly possible.

Battle to control humans
This is not the devil. These energies of control are dark entities who battle to control humanity. The unseen realms are fighting tooth and nail to keep this planet a dictatorship. It may seem like this is a battle between light and dark, but actually, this is about the emergence of the New Energy of Self.

This is not an external issue. What takes place around us on this planet is simply the effects of control taking place within each individual human Self. So it is: peace within first and peace on this planet second.

I encourage you to accept that change is taking place for humanity, even though it may seem ever so slow. But success is inevitable. The freedom to Be is not just a human issue, it is a universal issue, as well.

The message is this: Honor and value your own Self. Honor and value every other Self. Judge not. Accept what you are incapable of changing. “We” are not our choices or actions. We are the ones experiencing the effects of choices being made for us and through us.

Free to live it
About 16 years ago I wrote these words in my journal: “My life is not mine to live, until I am free to live it!” This has been my mantra ever since. Freedom is not created by a country. Freedom begins within Self. So the battlefront is Self! What is Self? Hmmmm, good question, for that is best described as continuously evolving.

Religious, political and financial modalities are the means to control humanity. As we continue to move forward, it will all fall apart before it all comes together. Out of the ashes, a New Earth will come to be, as a new, unprecedented Universal Energy of Self emerges within each Self, each with a personal timing, and it will take place simultaneously!

Success is inevitable! Let go of the how and when, and just know that what is taking place is doing so universally. This present moment of now is unprecedented! So go with the flow, and BE a part of the flow of change that is unstoppable!

The universe is in a self-balancing mode. This is why so many people feel their lives are in turmoil and discombobulated at times. The old Self pattern is dying and the new Self possibility is emerging — and merging within the grandest frontier, the Universal Self!

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Ricki Lee Schuster
Ricki Lee Schuster has been transitioning, transforming and releasing energy since 1999. If you are interested in contacting Rick, he can be reached at [email protected] or through Rick currently lives in Worthington, MN, and makes multiple trips a month to work out of the Twin Cities. 


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