The Genius in Simplicity


kolniak-wideThe idea of just being is an interesting one. These days we are all so busy trying to get ahead and become accomplished that we are creating more chaos than peace.

What if our purpose is to just be? What if our latent gifts come to us naturally by living in a way that is most meaningful to us while cutting out all the excess clutter?

When I think about some of the happiest times in my life, they almost always involve some form of nature, usually water. I love swimming in the ocean in the full glory of the sun. I love the smell of fresh air, salty water and suntan lotion. The sight of palm trees, misty mountains and sand in every shade inspires me. To me, the ocean waves are the greatest symphony ever composed. They’re elemental and primordial. Those are the moments that make me feel whole and connected to everything I see, hear, feel, taste, smell and know.

When I’m in these experiences, I never worry about whether I am mastering the universal spiritual laws, contributing enough positive energy to the elevation of global consciousness, or manifesting my ultimate desires, because it’s in these moments that I am my wildest dreams and ultimate desires. Just. Being. Me. The peace we exude is contagious and it permeates the matrix of energy to which we all belong. Isn’t that enough?

Why are we pushing so hard to do more, say more, be more and create more? Yes, our souls have a deep need for creative expression. It’s part of the reason we are here on this physical plane, but what are we giving up by chasing every whim? And when will we have time to enjoy the pure bliss of being human?

One problem is that certain aspects of our culture have created an unhealthy focus on wealth, as opposed to abundance, and personal image and fame, as opposed to the greater good. These days, anyone can achieve his or her 15 minutes of fame without any real impact on that person’s life or contribution to society. It just creates more noise, more distraction and more chaos.

Perhaps the answer is simplicity: simplicity in things, in relationships, in routines and in expectations we place on ourselves. Perhaps if we simplify our day-to-day lives and spend time doing the things that make us feel most connected, we will experience the peace and clarity needed to discover our greatest talents without overburdening ourselves with what everyone else is doing. And perhaps, then, we can become the most beautiful collective of souls contributing our own special recipes of genius to the world.

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Tina Kolniak
Tina Kolniak holds a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and a Juris Doctor. She is a lifelong spirituality enthusiast and has a deep interest in the mind/body/spirit connection. She is currently working on her first book. She lives with her husband, two daughters and Italian Greyhound. You may contact her at [email protected] and visit her on Facebook.


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