The Importance of a Moment


griggs-wideLife provides an endless supply of present moments as our Presence radiates our uniqueness while connecting with the network of all life through love. Each moment holds infinite possibilities from which we can choose how to respond and move forward in support of the highest good of all. A moment is all that is needed to be able to feel the Divinity within and without, to feel the joy and bliss of our life force, of God.

However, for most of us, these kind of moments are either fleeting or few and far between. Instead, our lives move from one task to another, creating limited space for the rest and solitude that’s needed to gather our thoughts, get in touch with our feelings and commune with our souls — let alone hear God’s voice. When focused on our day-to-day, it becomes difficult to pay attention to every little detail, and yet, God is in the details. Therefore, slowing down is one of the keys to being in Presence, because it expands the space that had once been limited, for the silence needed to receive God’s grace and live from our wholeness.

In his poem “Auguries of Innocence,” William Blake wrote:

To see a World in a Grain of Sand
And a Heaven in a Wild Flower
Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand
And Eternity in an hour…

If all it takes is a grain of sand to see the world, then all it takes is a moment to live in our glory. Slowing down can happen anywhere at any time, because it is about how we move through and use space in our lives, through time, with ourselves and others. Much of our time and space is occupied with various forms of doing. With so much doing, we find ourselves looped in endless activity and thought. Part of slowing down requires us to ask why we are so busy and whether or not we really need to do all of these things that keep us so busy, too busy to do what is fundamental to our Nature and the most important thing we can do for our and others’ well-being: giving and receiving Divine love.

If we perhaps settled into our Being for just one moment, and we did one less thing or said one less word, or took a pause in between, we could find the space to drop from our heads into our hearts, to release all that is being held onto so tightly within our minds and bodies in fear that if we let go, we will lose, forget or miss something. Moving into the heart space allows us to loosen the grip on our minds and to allow the body to release its tension.

Our hearts hold the wisdom of our mind’s intellect and our body’s intuition, so we have nothing to fear and everything to gain. Generating the largest electromagnetic field from our body, our hearts are truly a mind of their own. By navigating from our heart’s intelligence, we become more embodied, feeling our way through our interactions with ourselves and others so that our mind no longer needs to dominate, control or figure out what to do or say next, or how to get what we want. Best yet, within this heart space, we allow our Higher Self to connect with our Divinity. We become a vessel to receive guidance from Spirit and the vastness of God’s unconditional love, then give this love outward to the Universe and all of humanity.

The space between steps, words and thoughts can be surrendered to the Void from which we came and to where we will return, holding both the duality and Oneness of us all, where everything and nothing exists. When we connect to this knowing, we re-member all that is and all that we are, our True Nature, that anchors us into our Divinity. From this expression of our wholeness, we become plugged into a constant stream of compassion and love. In every moment, we have the opportunity to rest in the embrace of God’s grace.

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Christa Griggs
Christa Griggs spent her career working in Business Consulting, and then she decided to respond to the call to study Psychology and Spirituality. She is currently obtaining a master’s degree in Psychology in Education with a Concentration in Spirituality, Mind, Body at Teachers College, Columbia University. She also is working on a number of creative projects, ranging from designing healing jewelry to writing a Spiritual children’s book. Contact Christa at [email protected].


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