The Steady Self-birth


jagger-wideA slow life is a conscious and unpoised existence well spent on emotional upheavals and unlimited creative expressions. We are designed to be open like a compliant flower, desperate to be affected by the seasons of our lives. But to step into a moment and use all of our active senses proves that time and space is mended by the power within ourselves.

Togetherness is not synonymous with time; it’s a collective energy that allows individuals to be unified on both a physical and mental level. We must view that aspect of ourselves as existing in the people we invite into our lives. Non-verbal communication is an angle that slows down our voice and discovers the perception of others, whom we call our family and friends. In our desperate phases of mental confusion, we must drive gently and remember the advice of others. Togetherness is a pattern within that communicates our mind with our hearts. Understanding the union is compulsory for slowing down our anxieties from reaction.

Nature’s reception is as steady as the relentlessness of busy city life. Merging with the pace of nature allows the soul to return back to the plant kingdom. We are mused by the music of growth, only when our mind is steady and working in accordance with the wind’s flow. If we choose to hold onto the branch of trees and plants instead of our mobile phones, we will resume into a slower connection with our hearts, ultimately keeping us steady from our fears.

Laughter is present and a continuum of our reactions to life’s struggles and joys. If we placed our energy into an activity that made us joyful for at least 30 minutes a day, we can awaken our inner child. Life provides us with many portals for the discovery of our self; happiness slows down our focus on the self-planning of consuming goals. Life is tumultuous while our Earth is our playground; so tune into that laughter’s song and learn to be spontaneous daily for your own self-entertainment.

Break routine by erasing expectations from our minds. Allow the self to be conscious when there is panic for delivering what is required to be done with our daily life. A few slow breaths and a reminder is all that is required to realize that life is meant to bring unknown forces into the surface of our lives. And as we stare into that brink of reaction where routine of the mind’s processes does not apply, there is awareness of a self-rebirth. What lies ahead is steady and slowly approaching us. We simply cannot get in the way of what is pre-ordained, so withhold that rage of control over presented routines.

Walking and meditation work together to support the soul in silence. We can complete both walking and meditation together for at least 30 minutes a day, anywhere we choose. All that is required is to initially walk faster and then slow down. Allowing the heart to beat at a steadier pace releases suppressed emotions into the mind for transformation. Patience is simultaneous with walking, because the force of stress is returned back into the ground within each step we take.

Listening to others is a form of charity for the people in our lives. It also gives us the ability to be silent and slow down. We emit a nurturing etheric exchange when we are giving. It also raises our wisdom from our subconscious and allows love to flow within each other. Love is the most concentrated energy on earth; our hearts too reach self-birth at a naturalistic slow and radiating speed.

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Soha Jagger
Soha Jagger is a freelance writer who was born in Sydney, Australia, and is now living in Qatar. You can contact her on [email protected].


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