There Is Beauty


stinson-wideThere is beauty in the soul of a person who has experienced pain and suffering.
There is beauty in those distraught, who were abused and abandoned, feeling degradation and shame.
There is beauty in those that have loved and lost, instilling vulnerability, disappointment and mistrust, who dare not love again.
There is beauty in those who experienced every emotional crayon in their box and are tired of thinking, feeling and being.
There is beauty when I meet these vagabonds who, after all life has shown them, still search for answers, trying to find their way home.
There is beauty when the energy flows into my awareness and I convey a higher understanding for their pain and suffering, catching the ego unaware of a different story that can be told.
There is beauty when one realizes that the answers were always within them, swimming in their subconscious, playing out in daily life through the people and events life has brought to them.
There is beauty in watching those mighty old souls walk away with a freedom inside, proud & strong, loving themselves once again.
There is beauty in a universe that weaves hurt into compassion, resentment into wisdom, and a desperate hunger for truth into a life worth living.

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