To Create The New


piano-poem-wideIt is being said more today
Than yesterday
A familiar phrase
That brings the light
Of the loved
And beloved

Happy New Year

Together we create
The rain and snow
That quenches every thirst
The Sun
That energizes all life with brightness and warmth
The water
That washes us clean and carries us to new places
The air
That allows us to breathe free
The plants
That feed, shade and lay soft beneath our feet
The flowers
That scent and reveal great beauty
The birds
That sing our joy and freedom of flight
The animals
That teach, heal, and delight
The art
That graces our walls, floors, bodies, gardens and homes
The music
That soothes our souls and moves us to run and dance
The laughter
That breaks the silence of sorrow
The hugs and kisses
That ease the pain of being human
The food
That fills our emptiness and satiates our desires
The Earth
That grounds us
The Moon
That shines in darkness
The stars
That show us Home
The people
Who love and be

As One
We create all
That we are grateful for
And so much more to come
In every moment


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