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gardener-wideA slower life allows for heart openings, an expansion and lightness available to all of us. Our evolutionary path leads us to bring the heart forward to experience life. A heartfelt, heart-driven, heart-centered life brings communication, love, richness and intimacy.

We have changed. We will evolve. Since the Harmonic Convergence of August 16-19, 1989, our bottom three chakras that we call the “Will Heart” opened and expanded. Everything has changed for us.

In 1992, new healing energies including Three Heart Balancing™ came to us. We finally can and did let go of the past and brought our bodies, souls and lives into present time. This 20-year liberation was painful. We remembered being hurt, enslaved, abused, raped and killed countless ways. However, we embraced new love and freedoms along the journey.

The very foundations of existence are new. Our journey now means taking the time to celebrate, embrace and embody all of our changes. The collective unconsciousness is clear of twisted energies and our bodies are ready to manifest new DNA. All we need to do is change our minds and learn new habits for emotional wholeness.

Our hearts are open. We will awaken to new power. Slowly, with certainty, we can embrace our dreams and live them. I know this is not easy, but remembering our shared history of abandonment, betrayal and rejection was not easy either. We must cultivate the courage to leave the past behind us. As we relish in the present, we heal, enjoy life and get to know our true selves. The heart is your guide. A slower life is the pathway.

Through the heart, we change based on a solid foundation of love, creativity, intimacy and oneness with all of life. Right now, heart openings come to us, not because we feel good, but because our souls are open to it. Our bodies are ready to manifest a new DNA freedom. Our hearts reach for new relationships in the world.

Now is the best time to be alive. Who we are can blossom and grow. All the violence that is so prevalent lately is living its last hurrah. We have barely begun to explore what love, transformation and healing offers. We are not alone. All life forms support us and are with us on the evolutionary path.

Reach out from your heart and the guidance, love, and whatever you need will come to you. Change is the only constant in our lives. Embrace the courage in your heart to begin being the change you want to live.

Experience more about Heart Openings from Jaentra Green Gardener and her team of coaches by attending the interactive workshop on March 12, from 10:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. at the Wellstone Center. The one-day workshop is only $125 and a non-refundable deposit of $65 will secure a seat for you. After the workshop, you will live in freedom, unfettered by limitations. To register, go to:

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Jaentra Green Gardener
Jaentra Green Gardener is a teacher, healer, intuitive, visionary and artist. She developed the Three Heart Balancing™ healing modality, instructs classes and offers individual sessions. In addition, she authored A Healer's Voice, co-founded the non-profit Healing Hands Network and co-hosted an internet Talk Radio program. For more information on upcoming classes and services, go to


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