An Empowering Healing Ceremony: Connecting to a Past Life in Egypt


Many lifetimes ago, I was a young girl in a small Egyptian village who had the gift of “seeing” three days into the future. I would foretell coming visitors or a storm or a death. This frightened my parents and other villagers. They thought I was possessed by a demon that caused these things to happen.

My parents took me to the Temple of Isis on the island of Philae and asked the priestesses to perform an exorcism.

The High Priestess saw that my gift of prophecy, limited though it was, could be very useful in a highly charged political time. Akhenaten the Pharaoh had broken away from the traditional religion of many gods to worship Aten, the One True God. If he succeeded in getting the people to follow him, thousands of priests in the many temples throughout Egypt would be put out of work. So my parents were paid a handful of coins and told to leave me to live at the Temple of Isis.

I was lonely growing up in the Temple without other children around me. I had little free time, because I became their cash cow. They kept me busy all hours of the day and night telling priests and rich people what would happen in the next three days.

Secretly I became a follower of the new religion of Aten. And when I saw the priests plotting and then succeeding in assassinating the Pharaoh, I went to tell Akhenaten. He believed me but chose to stay and meet his fate. On the other hand, he told me to flee to take the new religion to the “new land” (perhaps Crete). He gave me a chest of precious jewels and gold to fund my travel and work.

Before leaving, I worshipped with Akhenaten and his family in their magnificent temple. It made my heart sing. The memory of it sustained me through many lonely years when I was a stranger in a strange land, learning a new language and new customs.

Spies were present throughout Akhenaten’s palace. So it was no surprise when armed men came to the dock to keep me from boarding the foreign-bound ship. A dear friend fought them off but lost his life to insure that I got safely up the gangplank.

Because of the murder of my friend and of Pharaoh Akhenaten, my heart was heavy. I honored them by sacrificing my personal life. As a dedicated missionary of the Aten, I never had any romantic relationships, never married nor birthed any children.

Because of this past life, I was ecstatic when I was able to visit Egypt in November 1991. The ritual that moved me the most took place at night in the King’s Chamber of the Great Pyramid. Present were 126 of us dressed in long white robes, all Priests of Melchizedek ordained and led by Rev. Dan Chesbro, gathered to anchor the Blue Ray around the world.

The King’s Chamber is normally cool. But with 126 of us standing shoulder to shoulder, the space became very hot. By the end of our toning, chanting and prayers, we were drenched with sweat and the dust on the floor had turned to mud.

In spite of the discomforting heat, I was ecstatic to be part of such a large group creating healing energy together. It felt like we were standing atop a high mountain enclosed in a crystal sphere. Our tones sounded like a tuning fork. They resonated deep inside my body, making my chakras spin and radiate light.

At the close of our ritual we directed the energy that we had generated deep into Mother Earth and then out through the top of the Pyramid to wash the aura of the entire world.

This ceremony set my feet firmly on the path of healing and teaching. It resurrected memories from my former life in Egypt and reignited my love for Isis and the Mother Goddess.

Carol McCormick will lead a “Mother Goddess is Calling You” workshop in Minneapolis, from 1-4 p.m. Saturday, March 5, which includes storytelling, singing, meditation and making a special Goddess Candle for your home altar in a glass container with glued on decorative materials. Contact her at 763.546.4133 or [email protected].

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Carol McCormick
Carol McCormick has been a professional storyteller and public speaker for over thirty years. An Interfaith Minister, she wrote the picture book A Bridge for Grandma to help children understand and accept death and dying.


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