Empowering Yourself Through Inner Alchemy

What does it take to master inner alchemy, to turn the lead of our negative or limited thoughts, beliefs, emotional patterns and subconscious programming into the gold of our inner essence, the divine potential we know is there within us?

However wonderful our intentions, it is often easier said than done. There are a few keys, however, that are essential for the process to empower you to master turning your inner lead into spiritual gold!

The process always begins by taking stewardship of our inner world. Blaming our circumstances or others for how we feel, always looking outside ourselves for the source of our happiness, or lack thereof, is the cement that keeps us stuck in the lead of separation. While we may not always be able to change our automatic thoughts, emotions or subconscious programming in any given moment, we can always choose our conscious response, our attitude, toward whatever we are experiencing. We always have freedom of choice, and this inner choice is the key to transforming our reality.

This key to creating a reality in accordance with our highest self is really about changing our inner perspective. The higher and more inclusive our perspective, the more freedom and empowerment we have. When we choose to view every experience as inherently useful, as something we can learn and grow from, we transform any situation into one that is beneficial in some way. We “turn stops into steps,” changing our relationship to life from an adversarial one to an open, inviting, cooperative one. In doing this we take the first step to becoming spiritual alchemists, signaling our willingness to take whatever lead our experience has brought us and turn it into inner gold.

Another key choice we can make as inner alchemists is to view everything, including our thoughts, attitudes and beliefs, as energy and vibration. From this perspective we become receivers, transmitters and transformers of vibrational information. We realize that we have the capacity to tune in to, as well as transmit, many different “channels” of information and many different vibrational frequencies. We see that the energy and vibration of any situation can either be perpetuated or changed by the way we interact with it. Rather than getting caught up in the story of our thoughts, feelings and interactions — our personal drama — we begin to see our experience as energy and vibration that can readily be transformed.

From this viewpoint it’s clear that the vibrations we are generating with our thoughts, feelings and beliefs create a resonant field, which in turn attract a like vibrational resonance from the outside world. By choosing to change our vibrational channel, by choosing to focus our attention on higher vibrations of unity, wholeness, light and love, we begin to transform any negative, chaotic or disruptive energies we are experiencing and create a coherent resonant field.

The work that I practice and teach, Resonance Alchemy, is a powerful system of healing and inner transformation designed to facilitate this process of raising our vibrational state. It is based on the use of higher dimensional codes in the form of Sacred Syllables from a universal language of spirit. The knowledge of this sacred light language, which I began to receive in 1994, is a gift from a group of Pleiadian light beings. The syllables, designed to work through thought, not outer sound, carry specific frequencies that evoke higher states of awareness, activate our inner essence, and awaken our divine blueprint.

It is said in alchemy that you must have gold in order to make gold. The inner gold within us, though it is often buried, is our Essence, the human expression of our Divine Nature. The Sacred Syllables I teach in Resonance Alchemy, used as an inner mantra, act as the catalyzing gold needed to activate and bring to life these inner spiritual resources. When used as a silent mantra in meditation, emotional clearing or healing, the Resonance Alchemy sacred syllables are invaluable frequency tools that work for anyone, creating the specific vibrations that are needed to transform the inner roadblocks we encounter as we move toward a direct experience of our divine nature.



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