A Pleiadian Message: Pause, Reflect on your Transformation


Beloved ones we greet you! The winds of change flow strongly across your Earth plane. This month opens into further revelations to those of you who are willing to explore a new energetic platform that you now hold within yourself. A monumental lifting of the veils has been taking place on your planet over this past year, creating a quickening within those of you on your transformational path.

Your Earth plane is coming to a pause in this transformational process, like a huge sigh. This “pause” has been designed so that you can be given a moment to reflect within, and appreciate your own changed dimensional profiles.

You are being given a short timeframe away from the strong momentum of vibrational energies that have been creating discomfort and upheaval in your 3rd dimensional lives. These dimensional shifts have been creating an enormous recalibration within your physical system. These ongoing challenges have been taking place over many, many months of your Earth plane time.

This new frequency
Now is the time for you to review your new energetic patterning. This transformation in the patterning within your cells is designed to enable you to begin to operate from a higher dimensional structure. This higher frequency platform takes you beyond the 3rd dimensional illusion that you have been sourcing. The cells of your heart naturally carry this new frequency, so that you can align to a higher realm source of your makeup through a connection to your heart space.

Your heart is your natural link, giving you access to that which you have realigned and returned to during this powerful transformative phase.

This pause creates a stable space to enable you to take time to breathe and Be. This is the time for you to identify all the new energetic elements of yourself that have been birthed. You are able to perceive the new aspects of your evolution and to integrate that which has been birthing within you through the continual dimensional shifts that have been taking place on the Earth. It is important for you to be able to absorb the deep changes that have been brought to the reality within your own life.

You are going to find that during this month you will have time to take a breath and experience You now. To be able to open up to the new energetic settings within your physical body, and to perceive whom you have become on an energetic level.

This pause will give you the space to be able to feel and experience the expansive energetic connections you naturally now have to a higher aspect of yourself. Also, acknowledge the new reconnections you have developed with the rest of the Universe. This is the month for an integration and understanding of who you are now. With this pause, you will be able to distinguish the newness of you.

Time of stillness
During this time of stillness, more will be revealed to you. As the energetic momentum of energetic change is halted on the planet, you will be able to discern your own internal and energetic changes and reconnections.

It will feel as though you have moved into clarity and understanding. It’s as though you will be able to glimpse what has been going on, as though a curtain has lifted from a stage. You will finally see, sense or feel the Truth of what is held within this time of seeming ongoing turmoil.

Within the stillness of the pause, you will find a deep restful peace, a place where a quiet harmony can reveal you to you. Bringing to you a comprehension and a deeper appreciation of what you have achieved during this very challenging time that you have just encountered and lived through.

Each one of you have had your own unique human challenges within this process, one not more than the other, just different. This has been the time for a deep forging of your own essential essence to emerge within you, even if you have not been able to perceive the depth of your process. You have undergone a huge transformational recalibration process that has been activated during these many months of energetic transformation on your planet.

This has been an essential and relentless process of dimensional expansion over this period of time on the Earth plane. It is imperative at this juncture for you to be able to witness this deep transformational work that you have done. Most importantly you need to acknowledge the inner transformation that has taken place within you over this period of adjustment.

You have been pushed during this powerful change with these dimensional energetic settings that have taken place on your Earth plane. These changes activated the density that was being held within your own physical framework. This density that was brought to the surface contained many deep emotional issues that needed to be played out, in the form of direct, magnified experiences within your personal life over the past months.

This unfolding process has been essential for your own ongoing transformational process within your human aspect.

A necessary step
We know the process itself has created many challenges for each one of you. This has been a necessary step for you. This step has resulted in supporting you to let go of your human ego control. It has supported you to let go of the illusion of this 3rd dimensional fear that has been held in your body for lifetimes. This fear has created a strong ego mind control within your day-to-day lives, impacting you strongly on your ability to move forward on your path.

We have reminded you during the different phases of your steps, of your experiences, to not allow this fear aspect of your ego mind to interfere with your process. We remind you again of the importance to continue LETTING GO and not allow the fear of the ego to stop you. Just to trust your unknown journey. There is the simple action “to let go of the need to understand” what is going on and to Trust.

We wish to acknowledge your courage, as many of you have let go of so much from the past and have allowed your day-to-day lives to transform through this letting go process. You have opened for dynamic changes to take place within your relationship to your human aspect.

This is now the time during the stillness of the pause to build an even deeper connection to your human aspect: to allow a forging to take place between your newly discovered spiritual essence and your humanness, to open into another level of acceptance of your own human vulnerabilities and idiosyncrasies.

We speak of this now because we know you will benefit greatly by this union of acceptance with self. This self-acceptance needs to come in the form of being able to end this element of separation inside of you. This action is actually imperative at this time for you to be able to alter this aspect of 3rd dimensional illusion.

Ending of separation
Through this transformation of your relationship with your human aspect, you can begin to develop a newly aligned perception of Truth with the Higher Realms. Understand that this ending of separation allows old judgments of yourself to simply fall away, and in doing so, all that armoring that you carry within your physical body simple dissolves. This armoring is a 3rd dimensional barrier, as it falls away the result is that you can more easily begin to navigate your way home, through to those Higher Realm understandings of Self.

Know that self-judgment is an old 3rd dimensional experience, almost a knee jerk reaction of the ego mind. As you begin to interact with your human aspect and hold yourself consciously with the spiritual love, the separating factor of self-judgment can just melt away.

Know that love dissolves all illusion. You are the love. This is your natural makeup of what you hold within your container in the Higher Realms of your higher self. You can now bring that love to your human self.

This is the time for you to reinvent you, through the force of the love that you naturally are. This is the Truth of your existence from your heart space, your own pure existence of Spirit.

New aspects of reality
Now you are being asked to take a moment to open into and experience your changed energetic settings. These settings create a shift in your own ability to align to a new level of your consciousness and to be able to align to new aspects of reality and Truth.

This is your time to open up and discover revelations that have unfolded within your very being during this transitional phase. There are new aspects of your self to be discovered in these quiet energetic moments of settling. This pause is taking place right now on your planet, and will continue to be able to unfold and evolve you through this month.

This is a simple process not to be complicated by the ego mind. You have been waiting for this step of integration, introspection and further transformation.

You will need to sit quietly with yourself, holding your heart and bringing your awareness, your breath into your heart cells. This is your own doorway to unveiling, revealing you and giving you access to those Higher Realm openings that you are ready to receive.

This pause energy is designed to support you in being able to successfully move into your unique sacred space within your heart cells. Remember, your heart is simply a dimensional doorway that is open for you. This entryway is being held open without interference by the pause energy.

Sit in stillness
Each time you choose to take a moment to sit in stillness within your heart opening, you will find a deeper and deeper natural opening. Each moment you work within your heart will become accumulative. This means you will always be able to access this opening for your own stability in the days to come. Each time you move into the opening it will expand and anchor more completely, like roots of a tree, going down into the Earth.

Know that you only have the month of March to fully utilize the pause energy. It is here for your own refinement of yourself and this opportunity is present to support you for the ongoing changes that will be coming onto the planet as we move forward in the year. Many phases of transformation will still take place to complete this “new dawning era” on your planet Earth.

As you do your own sacred work through your heart cells, be aware of the significance of forming and anchoring alliance energies that you have made pre-agreements to help you transition at this time. As you work through your heart, call forward those pre-agreement energies and allow a sacred weaving to be activated between you and those you call forward to help you. You can anchor these alliances naturally within your own heart opening.

You do not have to remember making these pre-agreement alliances to activate them. Know that you created these alliances before coming to this Earth plane. You made these pre-agreements because you knew you would need this support now during this transitional time.

Remember, you have free will as a human being. You must give permission to those alliance energies so that they can be available to give you that support. You cannot complete this aspect of your mission here alone. The sacred design was that you would not be alone to come back to completion, to come home to your self.

Know that we, the Pleiadians, are here to support each one of you that calls us forward. We are committed in our role of assisting you. This is a part of our destiny mission to play our role as part of a Universal team in assisting planet Earth.

We hold each one of you during your ongoing birthing process. We hold an energetic womb of light around you. Blessings, The Pleiadians.

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Christine Day
Christine Day is a leading spiritual teacher, healer, channel and author. Following a traumatic childhood in her native Australia, Christine was diagnosed with advanced Systemic Lupus at the age of 31 and given a short time to live. Shortly afterward, she experienced a profound spiritual awakening with the Pleiadians, the energy of which moved her to a place of complete self-healing. Since then Christine has been presenting Pleiadian Events, Seminars and Transmissions of Light throughout the United States and internationally. Visit www.ChristineDayOnline.com.


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