Creating an effective Personal Ritual

In these changing, evolving times, I’ve found it essential to update my personal rituals to keep up with my own personal spiritual growth. The excitement of discovering new ways to support the passion of my life path continues to infuse every day with joy!

Discerning the difference between feeling out of my comfort zone and feeling that something is just wrong for me informs my journey. Creating personal rituals that are effective for me now rather than fitting for who I was decades ago keeps me balanced.

What IS that feeling, when something feels right? Where does it reside in my body? I’ve found that when something makes me feel nervous but in an exciting way, not unlike stage fright, I can use that energy as an engine, to fuel, embrace and enjoy the experience. I’ve never regretted following that feeling, and it has resulted in some delightful surprises, including improv comedy!

On the other hand, when the thought of changing something I’ve been used to, or trying something different altogether, produces a heavy feeling in the pit of my stomach — nausea, headache, shortness of breath or other strong, negative signals — then it’s essential to stop. Listen to the body. Select a different option. Everything is not for everyone, at every time, for every reason. There is no one journey. Just because something is right for one person and not right for another does not mean that one person is ready and the other is not. Appropriateness is the focal point. The ONLY time I get into hot water is when I ignore those warning signals.

I find it easier to expand upon what I already know works for me. It’s enjoyable, but not too much of a stretch to add facets of qigong practice to my morning rituals, or to share them with others. The calm, grounded, centered feeling resulting from my practice is my favorite personal ritual.

All those factors work well for me as I embrace life’s inevitably changing tide, surfing the wave with a smile!

Regular retreats into nature are also essential in maintaining the good medicine of my connection with Divinity. There’s nothing more ancient or indigenous than that!

The following are tips for those who are just starting to create a personal ritual:

  • Choose a time of day or day of the week that lends well to joyous consistency, so that you look forward to your ritual rather than dreading it.
  • Make it special for yourself. Enhance the sensuality — make it smell good, feel good, sound good, etc. For example, if you’re adding a journaling practice to your personal ritual repertoire, then light a candle. Use your favorite essential oils. Put on your favorite calming music. Set up your writing chair with a special fabric.
  • Remember that gratitude is the currency of the soul. No matter what you do, infuse each moment with the respectful, joyous gratitude that you are doing it. Adding that living quality to daily life increases vibrancy and provides the opportunity to improve your experience, empower yourself, and increase the potency of your energy flow.

I’ll be addressing “Gratitude is the Currency of the Soul” in more detail, live on blog talk radio at noon Central on Wednesday, March 9. Here’s the link if you would like to listen in:

Whatever you do, do it from your own core. Stay current with that core — know yourself so that you continue to choose personal rituals in alignment with who you truly are.



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