Immersion in the DNA Field with Dr. Todd


During the past decade, Dr. Todd Ovokaitys has evolved his understanding of DNA and sound to the point of developing the Pineal Tones™ sound technique, which plays an integral role in his teachings on DNA and epigenetics. He will present a workshop, “Immersion in the DNA Field: a Pineal Tones Rehearsal Seminar,” featuring the sound technique of Pineal Tones™ on April 2 & 3 at The Holiday Inn Bloomington Airport South, 1201 W. 94th St., Bloomington, Minn.

Since Watson and Crick discovered the three-dimensional structure of DNA, the double helix has become a cultural icon. Three generations hence, our understanding of this molecule continues to grow. And with every step of learning, so builds our potential to overcome the apparent limitations of our biology. While DNA is a linear information code, or a blueprint, living DNA emanates electromagnetic fields as part of its deep functional construct. The discovery that human DNA is actually a closed loop, and that its central core is superconducting, gives the DNA coil antenna-like attributes with a capacity to transmit and receive information through vibrational fields and EM switches.

Dr. Todd Ovokaitys
Dr. Todd Ovokaitys
Dr. Todd teaches that the state of DNA and how it is working for you can be enhanced and shifted through natural chemistry, through codes delivered through light and through patterns of tonal sounds. Recent work in the area of epigenetics shows that changes in how we eat, meditate or even think can flip internal switches and change the expression of the code. This change is so powerful it can be transmitted to our offspring.

Participants in this workshop will be taken though a journey of images and geometry to understand the core patterns. Dr. Todd will teach how you can shift your mind and lifestyle to enhance the expression of your personal code. Patterns of nutrition, advanced light technologies, and the science of sound will also be shared as tools to your optimum self-expression. A method known as the Pineal Toning Technique will be shared, allowing participants to produce sound that influences DNA positively. Creating deep, altered states, the tones can be sung individually or in pairs. Biological studies in plants have shown that the beneficial effects of these patterns reach and even exceed the effects of playing Mozart.

Through an immersion in information and experience, the program is intended to enhance the understanding and access to one’s quantum self at a much deeper level. This workshop is a direct transmission of frequencies or DNA sound codes, of which there are 33 now, and gifting you with accelerated spiritual growth.

Dr. Todd has long been known as a researcher leading the evolution of medical science by followers of Kryon, an angelic entity channeled for 20 years by internationally renowned author Lee Carroll. Kryon revealed that in ancient times, Dr. Todd was a scientist who built Temples of Rejuvenation.

“The recent stunning revelations in his lab now give insights into how and why the ancient technology was effective — and how to make it even better,” Carroll says. “Most of you know my strong connection with the work of Dr. Todd. Recent Kryon channels have focused on our potential for longevity that hearkens to biblical times. Kryon has touched upon the mechanism of how this may work, and be derived from our own person. This is more than theory, as it describes Todd’s latest work from his laboratory, proving out Kryon’s principles. I get excited to watch the validation at work!

“It will be some time before Todd can offer this information in the public domain,” Carroll says. “There are scientific protocols to honor, and international rules to follow. Nonetheless, for those of you who may like to attend one of his workshops, you can hear Dr. Todd share the essence of what the discoveries are, and the implications for your own rejuvenation and longevity enhancement. Your individual health issues addressed along with activation of our dormant DNA through sound, is just part of the two-day weekend.

“This is a brand new phase of discovery that we haven’t seen before. Dr. Todd will be sharing the HISTORICAL BEST results that he has recently achieved with reversing otherwise end-stage health conditions in international research activities. Imagine double-blind studies where 40 percent of the patients were taken off of the list of heart transplant candidates! They achieved a vastly higher quality of life (not to mention not dying). In addition to age reversal strategies, Dr. Todd will reveal new methods of enhancing human cognitive and other abilities. Part is metabolic, part is emotional, and part is vibrational. Honest! Youthing is really starting to happen!”

To learn more about Dr. Todd’s work, visit To register for the event, please visit or contact Anita at 952.221.6372.

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