A Pleiadian Message: Anchoring Your Sound through your Heart Space


Beloved ones, we greet you. We honor the path you have chosen for yourself in this lifetime. We witness you in the many direct experiences that have brought you to who you are now in this moment in time. You are the sum total of your collective creation experiences.

As you unfold, you open into the deeper insights of your human process and reach forward into these series of sacred moments being revealed to you at this time. This is a holy time to “be” in life on this earth plane. Begin to engage with all of the elements of your Higher Realm self, together with your human-learned experiences. Your entire unfolding process up to this juncture has taken tremendous courage. As you continue to move forward you will need to “let go” in order to successfully live out fully your Grand Design.

Old Patterns
We wish to emphasize the importance of the need for you to “let go” of the old patterns, of the illusion that your human aspect is holding from past experiences. We can name some of these as feelings of shame, guilt, being responsible, rage and betrayal.

These feelings are just some of what many of you are still holding within you from experiences of your past. All of these feelings are creating a separation element within you. Now is the time to liberate your self from these feelings. You hold onto self-condemnation within your story, instead of just honoring your experience and then letting go. Part of the illusion is that you are responsible for everything. It is time to activate another level of your self-liberation process within you through a very basic “letting go” process.

Letting Go
Let us remind you of a picture: you holding on to the branch of a tree, your fingers and hands tightly holding on, holding on to the past. Below you is a gentle, flowing river with the sunlight reflecting on the surface of the water. You are being asked to simply let go and fall into this river of light, allowing the current of the river to move you gently where you need to go, allowing yourself to be held and carried by your river of light.

This is an effortless sample of “letting go” into your own sacred flow. There is no need for you to keep holding on, trying and struggling in your life. Everything is in hand.

To let go, you just open up your fingers that have been holding onto the branch and you fall into the current of your river of light. As you let go, your river of light will carry you where you need to flow. This is your time….

Sacred openings
Yes, this is your time, so get ready. Powerful, transformative forces are coming through the energy of the sun’s rays onto your planet, bringing in levels of this “new dawning” consciousness. These pure rays will give you access to the sacred openings that lead you back towards your home space. You are now ready to open into an expanded, brilliant cycle of the sacred sun’s pulsation rays.

This is the time of personal power being restored to humanity. An aspect of that personal power simultaneously activates a rejuvenation of the physical and energetic systems of your body. This brilliant element carried within the sacred sun’s rays heralds in this time of a revolutionary cycle of self-transformation. The plan has been set in place for these rays to be activated throughout your planet Earth, going out to all of humanity that are ready for a “next step” in their awakening journey.

Illumination rays
These Illumination rays carry a frequency light that activates an unveiling of new elements within your unique path. These sacred elements of yourself will be revealed to you through a different dimensional focus; we liken it to looking through a powerful lens of a camera. This dimensional light will enrich your own ability to see who you are within your own multi-dimensional makeup.

The last time these Illumination rays were activated on planet earth was on 12/12/12. At that juncture, all human beings who were ready received the activation of their crystalline structure within their physical bodies. This created a natural awakening, and was a monumental turning point for mankind.

Now these Illumination rays are coming onto the planet in this month of April. These light frequency settings carry a potent force of pure brilliance multidimensionality that is unparalleled to anything that has anchored before. The darkness or shadow aspects that have been in place on your planet can now be infiltrated by the source of these pure rays of light from the Sun. These rays will hold the patterns of creation, activating the illumination of your own frequency of Truth to be birthed within. These patterns of light are designed to transmit your unique signature energies from the Higher Realms through to your consciousness. This Truth that is held and reflected through your energetic field will reveal to you a more authentic and powerful light aspect of Self.

Imprint patterns
These imprint patterns that are activated carry the potential to open pathways, to reveal to you a different series of paths and opportunities for your life now. They are designed to bring forth an accelerated experience of your Self in a multi-dimensional setting. These activations are what we refer to as “destiny point paths” for you to engage. The specific paths enable you to move through to higher frequency levels of consciousness to begin to engage in sacred interactions within these expanded dimensional vistas.

This whole happening will allow you to create and open up into a new range of refined sacred elements within Self.

We want to bring to your attention your own energetic Framework and the importance of “letting go” in order to release the energetic limitations created by holding on to your past. This limitation is a barrier that keeps you in a separated state and holds you back from fully experiencing Truth that exists beyond this 3rd dimensional illusion. This limited emotional process affects your energetic Framework’s ability to fully expand and play its role in stabilizing you within the higher realms.

Now is the time for you to disengage from this illusion and to change your energetic Framework. We are here to support you in your next step of liberation.

We are here to give you information so that you can liberate your self from this separating factor within you and give you tools to work with the sacred rays of the sun.

There exists a sacred law that you must self-resurrect in this lifetime. Self-resurrection is an essential ingredient to your own evolutionary process. You set this law in place before you came onto this earth plane to live out this incarnation to enable you to do everything differently.

Each one of you holds within you an original frequency of sound that is like no other within the Collective energies within the Universe. Through the tool of your voice, your own unique sound will be recognized and monitored by the collective God consciousness within the Sun’s rays.

As you work with this sacred sound, your own unique frequency will open up a blending process to the sacred reflections held within the Sun. The cells of your body will begin to respond and align to the energetic frequency made through your own voice and to the energetic blending created through your sounds.

Energy of creation
At the moment of this “blending,” the energy of creation will be birthed and opened up through you. Through this sacred synergy, the cells of your body will hold the activation of your unique aspect of the Godhead energy.

Your Godhead energy originates within the crystalline structure of your spine. Your sacrum is the multi-dimensional Godhead container within your physical body, and this Godhead energy maintains your original ability to self-heal and self-manifest that which you desire.

This process is important for you to understand, because you need to be consciously taking part in your unfolding. Gone is the time for passively receiving, for you to be in a state of not taking responsibility by not understanding your complete process. Self-empowerment is knowledge, and in this process you need to be consciously working to align your self with the sun’s rays, and to consciously be aware of what is happening within the new energetic framework of your own physical body.

Anchoring your sound
You begin to direct and utilize the tool of your voice through your heart space, anchoring your sound through the cells of your heart, and then witness an energetic quickening moving through every cell in your body.

As you activate your sacred sound through your voice, you will begin to awaken to your own power. It is essential to align directly through the sacred sound with purpose and focused intent, for this is how you become that sound. It may feel as though you do not recognize yourself. You may be asking yourself, “Where is that sound coming from?”

This process of working with your unique sound births you into another reality beyond the illusion of the 3rd dimension. As you allow your experience, let go of everything and just become your experience of being the sound. As you move deeper into this process, there is an unraveling of old density and belief systems — holding in your body for lifetimes — that will automatically begin to move out of your body.

You move into your own rebirthing experience! This is your Grand Plan.

Powerful journey
We are giving to you this sacred sound to enable you to begin this powerful journey of sacred transformation through your voice and utilize the sun’s rays to allow this amazing transformational next step.

Once you have fully aligned to the frequency of the sound in your own cells, then it will be time to bring your sacred sound into the energy of the Sun’s rays. Within this process, it is essential for you to allow your full birthing process just with the sound of your own unique frequency before working with the synergy of the sun with the unique sound of your voice.

The Sacred Sound is AHHH KHAH NEHHH ( pronounced AHHH-KAR-NEEE)

  • The first step is to begin to just align to the sacred sound. Adjust to the energy of your unique frequency of your voice as you bring through the sacred sound. Note: You need to work with this sound for 5 minutes; this is one round. You need to work with it for a minimum of 3 rounds collectively for a total of 15 minutes.
  • Then you begin to direct the sacred sound into the Heart cells. You do this by first aligning to your Heart space. You do this by connecting to your heart with the palms of your hands fully on your chest area. Take the time to be fully connected to your physical Heart space. Remember, your heart space is the full area of your chest. Feel the physical pressure of your palms on your chest and the warmth of your hands on your chest. Bring all of your awareness to that area. Then use the Conscious Breath, which is breathing in the mouth and then breathe out of the mouth, letting go.
  • Now you are going to begin to bring the sacred sound into your heart space and then the cells of your heart will begin to receive this sacred energy through your sound. As you do this, you will find the sounds will begin to activate a quickening process within your heart cells.

Note: You do not need to look directly into the sun for this process. Make sure you are physically aligned to the sunlight. Have sunlight on any area of your physical body. Or your awareness can be directed towards the energy/consciousness of the sun.

  • Align to your Heart space. You do this by connecting to your heart with the palms of your hands fully on your chest area. Take the time to be fully connected to your physical Heart space. Remember your heart space is the full area of your chest. Bring all of your awareness to that area. Then use the Conscious Breath.
  • Now you are going to begin to bring the sound into your heart cells. As you do this you will find the sounds will begin to activate a quickening process within your heart.
  • Once you feel your body beginning to respond to your sounds in some way then begin to connect to the sun’s energy, bringing your awareness towards the sun or into the sunlight rays. Use your sacred sound. The frequency from the sun will begin to transmit into your cells. Just let go and allow your full experience.

This is your next step! Blessings, The Pleiadians.

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Christine Day
Christine Day is a leading spiritual teacher, healer, channel and author. Following a traumatic childhood in her native Australia, Christine was diagnosed with advanced Systemic Lupus at the age of 31 and given a short time to live. Shortly afterward, she experienced a profound spiritual awakening with the Pleiadians, the energy of which moved her to a place of complete self-healing. Since then Christine has been presenting Pleiadian Events, Seminars and Transmissions of Light throughout the United States and internationally. Visit www.ChristineDayOnline.com.


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