A demon won a battle within me that I didn’t know about.
Tell me what it was like to die.
After all the complex connections and tides.

What is the difference between me and you?
A fixed mind locked on a never ending railroad track.
Turning into a train that’s moving too fast,
Where I am unable to understand what it means to be lucid.

Lightly leaving my impressions on this world.
What would you say if you could fly away?
Away from the tracks and chains created by one’s mind.
I’d never come back.
Because of all the thinking that happens in my heart.

A saint and sinner rolled into one,
Singing the song of a caged bird.
The emotions from this song are worn on its wings.
Capable of coming to life like a fire,
Animating itself with life and energy.

The fire can bring warmth and illuminating opportunities.
Yet also can burn and cause destruction.
Similar to no you or i,
If there is no oxygen, then there is no fire.
Without the fire, the coal found within the train is left unattended.

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Lionel Fuentes
Lionel Fuentes (also goes by Lio) is a full-time student at Minneapolis Community and Technical College, and he also works part time at UPS Freight as a dock worker. He enjoys writing, and his works mainly consist of poetry. He also is working to combine his love for music with his writing. Contact Lio at [email protected] or 651.855.8165.


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