The Mystical Christ: Is Reincarnation a Scientific Fact?


If you identify yourself as your physical body, reincarnation can seem farfetched. But if you identify yourself as a trans-physical being, regardless of what words you use to describe it (such as “soul”), then reincarnation blends seamlessly into the experience of life.

“Trans-physical” is different from “non-physical” in that it acknowledges the importance of physical life, as distinct from those who say that physical reality is an illusion. In one sense, that statement is correct, but it is only correct in a sense. The notion that physical reality is an illusion implies that physical reality is unimportant, which anyone with a clear sense of themselves knows that it is not. We need a physical body in order to experience physical reality. And, as it turns out, our spiritual growth depends on it.

The notion that we have a trans-physical being is more scientific than one might think. It is the notion that matter is in-formed by vibration and not, as is most commonly thought, the source of vibration. This idea that matter creates itself is fundamentally superstitious, and yet, it perniciously inserts itself into nearly every vein of scientific thought.

We know that matter can be shaped and reshaped by vibration, as in the manipulation of sand particles on a paper diaphragm by sonic input (cymatics). We also know that we live in a sea of vibration, cosmically speaking. The tendency, however, is to regard this “sea” simplistically, the same way (before the advent of spectral analysis) we regarded sunlight.

We now know that the complexity of matter’s range of vibration exceeds our ability to comprehend, as in astronomer Sir Arthur Eddington’s famous quote, “Not only is the universe stranger than we imagine, it is stranger than we can imagine.”

The analogy for the “sea of vibration” in which we live is the broadcast of radio waves from a transmission tower. The broadcast is simultaneously power and information, which any radio within the broadcast range can transmute into intelligible sound.

But just as sound can form shapes in the particles of sand on a diaphragm, these infinitely more complex “sounds” of the universe (the broadcast) can form complex structures of infinite variety in the part of the greater spectrum we call the physical world.

In this way, we can say that vibration = information = matter. Matter is information made visible.

The notion that reincarnation is a scientific fact becomes plausible when we place vibration, in all of its infinite variations, at the center of “being.” Vibration and information are one — separate, yes, but one.

The question then becomes whether we identify with our physical bodies or with the broadcast that informs them. If we are “unique creations of God,” as the doctrine of souls proclaims, then we could very well be unique “messages” within the broadcast.

The real value of the idea of reincarnation is not in discovering who you were, but rather in discovering who you are. Instead of interpreting your life as a series of points on a timeline, across which your being travels, it makes more sense to see yourself as the immoveable point past which the timeline flows. And, if you want to take it one step further, you could see the “timeline” in a more non-linear sense; you could see it as a net, the interstices of which exist in multiple dimensions of space and time.

So this then is an alternative way in which to approach the subject of reincarnation. I’m not saying that it’s the “truth,” but rather suggesting it as a starting point for a more nuanced inquiry, using it as a hypothesis rather than as a dogma.

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Michael Maciel
Michael Maciel is the author of the website The Mystical Christ ( and two books on contemporary Christian mysticism--The Five Vows and World Priest. Michael lives and writes in Redwood City, California. Contact Michael at [email protected].


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