What does it mean to be A Divine Feminine?


A Divine Feminine is confident in the truth of her own magnificence! She rises into her full potential as a Creator Being and shines the light of her spirit to infinity.

A Divine Feminine Being listens closely to her inner voice and empowers others to do the same. She calls other women to leadership to unite the community as a whole. She has great trust in her path and in the process of life. She knows that true Love is in support of each and every thing she comes into contact with. She realizes that all relationships are sacred and is respectful of her boundaries. She is at peace with her life on all levels.

So how do you get to be this Divine Feminine Being? It takes practice and willingness to grow and change. What follows are some basic principles to guide you.

Listen to your own intuition. Trust your gut instincts. They are there for a reason and seldom wrong. Intuition can be enhanced through many intuitive-based workshops, or by simply paying attention to how you feel.

You are an emotional being — yes, you are. Learn that feelings are simply a guide to help assist on this bump-and-go life path we are on. Feel them, acknowledge them, thank them, then take a deep breath and let them go.

Make time in your busy life to do things you love and things that bring you joy. This amplifies the joy and love not only in this moment, but also tells the universal energies that this is what you want more of in the future. At first, this may seem difficult, but the energy gains momentum the more things you do that support your energy. Most of us already have things in our life we love doing. Extend gratitude for being able to enjoy all parts of your life you enjoy.

Learn to become neutral or non-judgmental to the energies of others around you. Take the time to communicate your own truth in a clear, direct, honest way — for anyone who truly loves you will be in support of you taking time to thrive and flourish. If you find yourself in relationships that don’t support your boundaries, spend time contemplating the purpose of the relationships.

We cannot be of service to ourselves or others if our boundaries are weak and we allow our energy to get low. Sacrificing, martyrdom and being a victim are no longer options. They all build resentment on some level and bring your energy down. Learn to take care of yourself with love, without guilt.

When you give, give freely from the heart expecting nothing in return.

View messages from the media and mass consciousness without investing your energy into the drama of it all. This does not mean that you do not care, or have an opinion; it just means that you keep yourself from buying into any energy that brings your own energy down. Often the influence of the outside world leaves us feeling inadequate in many ways: that we are not beautiful enough, smart enough and skinny enough. Find ways not to get caught up in these feelings and let them go. Clearly look at your own unique beauty and trust that you are whole, you are Divine and you are right where you are meant to be.

Be in touch with everything that helps you grow and learn and makes your spirit soar. Be curious. Try new things. Play. Find joy. The world is your playground; explore, find what matters most to you.

If you are struggling in your life and with your own journey or just need confirmation you are on the right path, get someone to read your Akashic Records. This is an ancient art of reading the blueprints of your spirit journey here. These sessions can be done via distance and have been extremely helpful to many.

You are not alone. You have everything you need inside! You are the Divine Feminine!

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Ann Chatfield
Ann Chatfield, owner of Live a Little Consulting, assists people on life's journey by connecting them to their own individual Akashic Records, an energetic blueprint of their soul journey in this life. Throughout the session, Ann acts as an interpreter between her client and their Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones. During this process, a frequency upgrade occurs. The reading is based on the premises that we are all perfect exactly as we are! Contact her at 306.384.1373 or www.livealittle.ca.


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