An Intentional Act of Kindness


Once upon a time, many more years ago than it seems, in a large, busy city, I walked daily to work through an area occupied by sleeping homeless individuals. One man in particular was usually sprawled across the sidewalk rather than huddled against a building as most were, for protection against the wind. As I carefully stepped over his prone body each morning, I always uttered a prayer on his behalf. A simple, “Bless you.” Each afternoon as I made my way home, he was nowhere in sight.

This went on for a few years. Then one day I did not see him at all. I wondered if he had died, as the mortality rate among homeless individuals is, of course, high due to extended exposure to the elements and lack of proper medical care or emotional support. Another couple of years passed, with no sighting.

Then, one bright, sunny day as I exited the grocery store, a clean-cut, happy-looking man, glowing with Spirit approached me so quickly that I had no time to retreat even if I’d wanted to — which I didn’t. No reason to back away from such a glow. He spoke to me, with awe-inspired gratitude: “It’s you!” he exclaimed, “Thank you for praying for me!”

As I searched his face and features in an initially unsuccessful attempt to find familiarity, he excitedly went on to explain that he now had a job, a place to live, then happily told me, “And you! You have gone from student to teacher!” Huh? Well, he was right. The homeless man whom I’d stepped over daily, for years, uttering a silent, “Bless you,” certainly had no way of knowing that I’d just graduated from Mystery School and had been hired onto the faculty. We’d not kept in touch. No skyping or text messaging in those days. We didn’t even know each other’s name! But there he was, all transformed and knowing and grateful, shining like the sun, smiling a smile that lit up the already bright day.

In awe myself, I congratulated him, and affirmed his perception. We shared a quick hug and then were each off to continue our respective days. I never saw him again. But I trust that he is just fine.

Moral of the story: You never know what ripples of positive blessings you’re catalyzing, even from the simplest of intentions. I appreciate my good fortune in experiencing this affirmation and confirmation. I wish you the same wonderful fortune. ‘Cause that’s the way The Divine Feminine rolls, baby! BAM! (Blessed and Multiplied!)

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T. Renee Richardson, D.D.
T. Renee Richardson, D.D., is "The AmBadassador of Light!" and author of the upcoming, Fiddy Grades of Yay, a metaphysical erotica collection. She is a well-respected healer and clairvoyant with over 35 years of experience helping thousands of clients worldwide to effectively achieve their cutting-edge goals. She offers appointments via phone for your convenience, and loves providing an accessible network of support to those experiencing life transitions, such as career change, business expansion, and retirement, helping individuals build joyous, loving lives of new vibrancy. Contact her at [email protected], and visit


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