Awakening the Divine Feminine


The Divine Feminine is the inherent creative principle in each one of us. When one embraces the divine feminine within, life becomes a celebration of love, an effortless creation, a beautiful manifestation of gifts.

Here are some practical ways to embrace the Divine Feminine in everyday life, which I discovered to be very empowering:

Respect for every woman — In our relationships with other women in our life, we mirror our own relationship with Inner Feminine. By deeply respecting the women in our life, we respect our Inner Feminine. I discovered this as a very powerful and practical way to awakening the Divine Feminine and feeling and living from that divinity each and every moment. There is a beautiful equality that took the place of male dominance and arrogance within me when I learned to respect my mother, my wife, my sister and my daughter deeply. They are living sources of feminine energy for me and the doorways to my Inner Feminine that is sacred, divine, tender, vulnerable, creative and full of wisdom.

When a woman learns to respect herself deeply, she lives out of completeness and there is no void or lack of anything within such a woman. As a therapist, I have interacted with several women living with the wounds from childhood, and when they are awakened to the truth that they are already sacred and divine in nature, they are able to let go of their wounds and live from Inner Divinity. They started attracting relationships in which they are respected and treated as divine beings.

Healing Relationship with your Mother — In my experience, I realized mother’s love is the closest to divine love in this physical world. It is pure, unconditional. When I opened up myself to seeing my mother as a source of such greatness and divine love, I truly started receiving. The ability to receive is one of the things that happened to me naturally when I started seeing the greatness of Mother’s love. I personally witnessed the results of feeling deep respect for Mother and her unconditional love. It uplifted me out of despair and helped me ground myself in the physical reality, equipped me with the necessary strength to live for my dreams. Seeing her love as a rich source of creative and healing energy healed my relationship with my mother, as well as with my Inner Feminine.

Acknowledging the Inner Gifts — Our inner gifts are doorways to happiness. Without realizing them, happiness or joy is not possible. We all have the ability to transform our innate potential into useful and creative things for ourselves and for the world. This ability to manifest our gifts comes through the spirit of Surrender with Love. In Surrender, we allow ourselves to live from a Higher Self within us that is guiding and nurturing us. As Lao Tzu said, “Let yourself be lived by, the Tao leaves nothing undone.” Living by the tenderness or softness of the Divine Feminine, we allow things to happen through us. Rigidity and hardness of ego obstruct the flow of divine principle of creation. When we replace them with tenderness and vulnerability, we are in the true state of Allowing.

Experiencing Eternal Love, here and now — A sacred path is the path of Yogi who is detached, yet living in the physical world. There is an old saying in India: “Live like a water drop on lotus leaf.” A water drop on lotus leaf in unattached to the lotus leaf, yet it stays on it. The secret of living such a life of water drop lies in the love for Physical Life. In my interaction with people, as a therapist, I found there is a hidden urge for death inside us. It is the eagerness to return to the Source or Oneness experience. However, it is possible to experience Eternal Love in the Physical Plane.

This is what Divine Feminine is teaching us and wanting us to do by embracing it fully. The whole purpose of physical life is to experience the Eternal Love, here and now. Such a state of being creates a harmonious relation with Mother Earth, which in turn nurtures and sustains the living force, the Divine Feminine within.

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Kiran Anumalasetty
Kiran Anumalasetty is a past life regression facilitator and a spiritual counselor living in Hyderabad, India. He is passionate about working with people and seeing them awaken to their true potential for healing and wellness. He has been facilitating one-on-one sessions with clients for the past five years at Life Research Academy ( ) in Hyderabad. He is a member of the Indian Advisory Board, Association for Regression and Reincarnation Research (ARRR).


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