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In the midst of war-torn Germany during World War II, the son of a bricklayer foreman who wanted to be a carpenter discovered he had the ability to heal others, and wherever he lectured on healing on the spiritual path, people were healed of disease, some reportedly incurable. Bruno Groening, who had been a prisoner of war in Russia, found residence in Herford, Germany, upon release, with an engineer and his family who had heard of Groening’s healing powers. It was there, in 1949, when the engineer asked him to visit his bedridden son, Dieter, who suffered from muscular dystrophy.

Groening looked at the 9-year-old boy, and it came to pass that the boy could leave his bed and learned to walk again. Deeply touched, the engineer asked Groening to stay as his guest. He invited more sick people to his home, and they also were healed. In very short time, news of “the Miracle of Herford” spread, whereupon thousands of people streamed to the house of the engineer. It was not long before local officials imposed a healing ban, because he had not been trained as a doctor or healing practitioner. Groening withdrew to the Traberhof in Rosenheim (Bavaria), and when his whereabouts became known, up to 30,000 people gathered on the grounds outside the living quarters of the estate, where again, mass healings occurred and another healing ban was imposed.

In his lectures, Groening informed interested listeners about the basis of healing on the spiritual path. He emphasized more than once that people would be capable of receiving the healing energy and that more would be healed after his own death.

In 1979, twenty years after Groening’s death, Grete Häusler started the Bruno Groening Circle of Friends to pass on the teaching of this unusual man. Mrs. Häusler, a teacher originally from Austria, suffered from three incurable diseases until in 1950, when she was healed after attending one of Groening’s lectures. By 2007, the year in which she passed away, she managed to start communities in all parts of the world. Today, the Circle of Friends is led by her son, Dieter Häusler.

The Bruno Groening Circle of Friends consists of tens of thousands of people from more than 90 countries, all involved on a voluntary basis and loosely connected through the spirit of helping. The Circle of Friends pays all expenses through voluntary donations. In the mid-1980s, physicians began to find interest in this path. Today, thousands of physicians and members of other health care professions worldwide help to record the healings and document them according to scientific criteria.

Ilse S. was suffering from cervical cancer. Despite several treatments by the head gynecologist at the municipal clinic, the malignant disease could not be stopped. Her family doctor finally told her, “I can’t do anything more for you, but I will give you a phone number where you may possibly still find help.” Ilse made the call and was informed about healing on the spiritual path, and a few days later she was introduced to the teaching of Bruno Groening. She learned to mentally detach herself from the illness and to absorb a power that the community leader called “Heilstrom” (healing force).

After three years, Ilse reported at the Christmas celebration of the local Bruno Groening Circle of Friends community that her last visit to the clinic demonstrated that she was completely free of any cancer and regained her health completely. She told the community that she felt more physically fit than she had in two decades. Still today, Ms. S. regularly takes in the healing force and attends the community hours of the Bruno Groening Circle of Friends every three weeks.

As part of an international lecture series of the Medical Scientific Group, Brigitte Schneider, a Licensed Medical Practitioner from Germany, will be in St. Paul to speak on the topic of “Help and Healing on the Spiritual Path — Medically Verifiable.” She will speak at 7 p.m. Monday, May 16, in Room 105 at the Carondelet Center, 1890 Randolph Ave. Also speaking will be Daniela Dentico, M.D. Admission is free, and a donation is appreciated.

For more information, please visit: For a personal contact in the Twin Cities, call 218.349.1571. Photo courtesy of

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