My Encounter with Spirit communicating through Angel Numbers


My family and I were about to leave Australia and immigrate to the UK. This was a major life-changing experience for us. My grandmother had passed away the previous year and I wanted to visit her resting place before I left Australia. She is buried in Rookwood Cemetery, one of the largest and most multicultural cemeteries in Australia. You need a map to find the burial plots!

I knew it would be difficult to find my grandmother’s plot, so during the journey to the cemetery I said aloud to my grandmother’s spirit, “Please help us find your resting place easily.”

Just before we drove through large entry gates into the cemetery, I noticed that the license plate on the car in front of us had 333 written on it. I am a strong believer in Angel Numbers, so I thanked the angels for their sign and for acknowledging my message. To my surprise, and what I believed was Angelic intervention, we found my grandmother’s headstone very easily.

Upon kneeling down and placing flowers on her headstone, my husband turned to me and said, “Look there’s your 333.” It took me a few minutes to realize what he meant. I proceeded to read my Grandmother’s date of birth — 3 March, 1930, or 3/3/30. At this point, I realized the Angel number I saw on the number plate was actually a message from my Grandmother. She had heard my message and guided us easily to her burial plot.

From now on whenever I see the Angel number 333, I know it is not only a sign from the Angels but also from my grandmother. It is her way of letting me know she is always with me.

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Adam & Lisa McAllister
Lisa McAllister is an intuitive angel card reader and writer based in the United Kingdom. For more information about Lisa, please visit


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