And Remember what Peace there may be in Silence


Silence is my treasured companion. It envelopes, soothes and welcomes me home from my fractured activities. It affords me room to contemplate my long life as a daughter, a sister, a wife, mother, and a widow.

My companion celebrates my multitude of joys, bears my weeping for all that is gone from my life, and holds my heart when it is lost.

My companion introduces me to nature’s miracles: the intricacies of a leaf, the touch of a breeze on my back, the warmth of the sun. It guides me to delight in the language of chattering birds, and to follow and interpret the ever changing shape of the overhead cloud.

It shows me the exquisite detail in a snowflake, the reflection in a drop of water, the magic rush from a friendly smile or gesture, and the beauty of life-angels ministering with love, affection and camaraderie.

In the silence, I exult in the feel of a dog’s warm, squiggly body, its soft coat, soulful eyes and sloppy kisses as he falls asleep on my lap.

My silence visualizes our Maker’s handiwork in a baby — that miracle of miracles — that perfection in miniature, unspoiled by worldly claims on his soul, and I am in awe.

It knows when to allow memories and reveries to visit and helps remind me to be thankful, for memories are blessings of the mind and heart.

It joins me at worship, absorbs the music and message, and stores them for another day when I am empty and need sustenance.

Engulfed within it, I sit and contemplate our Maker’s presence in my life.

My companion and I are together much of the day, but when separated, she is the temptress who calls me home and keeps me grounded.

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