Reflections on embracing the Divine Feminine


What does it actually mean to embrace the Divine Feminine? To be honest, “the Divine Feminine” is not a term I go around using in my daily life, but I do have a connection with the Goddess of Compassion and some other goddesses, mainly from my shamanic practice, and also occasionally through oracle cards. And what they represent to me is the Divine Feminine.

It is easy to see the Divine Feminine as something unattainable, as something we cannot relate to or use in our everyday lives, but from my recent explorations, I have discovered that we can use simple practices, techniques and mindset shifts to allow the Divine Feminine to become part of our lives.

In a recent shamanic journey, a phrase about the Divine Feminine came up. It was: “Embracing the Divine Feminine is seeing yourself as you truly are.” It is letting go of the limiting view of and beliefs about ourselves, and embracing the expanded and unlimited, infinite self — our Divine Feminine self.

The Divine Feminine is what or who we connect with when we enter into our heart and live from the heart — showing compassion to ourselves and to others on our path. When we are connected with the Divine Feminine, we let go of fear, judgment, separation, and we feel loved, protected, nurtured, empowered, liberated. We experience peace and a feeling of “coming home.”

We can access the Divine Feminine by practicing connecting with and living from our heart – by daring to open our heart to life and to love. To not just give and receive love, but to be love — a love that nurtures.

To me, embodying the Divine Feminine is embodying compassion. While it is called Divine Feminine, it is not limited to women — the feminine is part of us all — the compassion and heart-centered living is for all of us, women and men. We embody it by letting go of judgment, by meeting others with an attitude of appreciation. By seeing all as relations and teachers — all beings.

We nurture the Divine Feminine by taking time each day to go within to create our sacred self-care time, where we return to the peace and stillness within and connect with our soul, that eternal part of ourselves that has a direct link to the Divine Feminine.

As the Goddess of Compassion said in a recent shamanic journey: “Let me walk beside you and guide you to your soul, and you will see that you are me.” Embodying and living the Divine Feminine is not an unattainable goal. Start today by scheduling time each day, even if it is only 10 minutes, to go within — to enter the stillness and peace of the heart.

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Marianne Soucy
Marianne Soucy is the founder of and and host of the Healing Pet Loss Podcast. A bestselling author, coach and shamanic practitioner since 1997, Marianne connects with spirit guides and pets in the afterlife through her Sacred Spirit Journeys to obtain healing, guidance and empowerment for her clients.


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