A Pleiadian Message: The Joy of Homecoming


Beloved ones, we greet you. The winds of change move across your Earth plane on yet another level at this most powerful juncture of your journey. The dimensional settings within the energetic core of your planet are being recalibrated to enable you to move beyond aspects of the illusion that have been preventing you from being able to align and stabilize into Truth. This shifting element is bringing you one step closer to a self-realization experience, to your Higher Realm reality of home.

This whole energetic transfer is designed for your individual homecoming process. This transfer energy is enabling you to create tremendous shifts within your world. You have been waiting to align to this destiny moment of dimensional change. There will be necessary requirements for you to align into this changing profile by allowing this energy to move you naturally through the moment-by-moment experiences in your daily life.

Know that by letting go, and simply meeting this energetic setting, you will find a deep fulfillment within as you are moved to each expanded experience of the moment.

Claiming the moment
As you reach forward into each experience with your awareness, you are actually claiming the fullness of the moment as yours. The process of you choosing is how you can achieve this opening into the full multi-dimensional moment. Through the use of the Conscious Breath, you are claiming and opening up into what is yours; this opens you into your natural experience like unwrapping a gift. The full process involves you surrendering into the moment of your experience.

As you open to each moment, you need to let go of all attachments to how things are going to look and how your life is going to work out. Through your heart connection you can now “let go” of the need to know and the need to understand what is going on. You can simply witness that which is right in front of you.

Your ego mind screams out in this current of change because it feels out of control. Your ego mind holds on to a story of how your life should be, the wants and desires based on past experiences. Fear-based thoughts and stories that are founded on misinterpretation of the Truth are carried within the illusions of the ego. This 3rd dimensional illusion has kept you in a cycle of self-sabotage for lifetimes.

Subtle shifts
Through the energetic changes that are taking place on your planet the misinterpretations of your story are beginning to break down on many levels. Your life is no longer working in the way it has in the past. There are subtle shifts in many small insignificant ways, and there have been some dramatic changes in very major aspects of your life. This breaking down process is an indication of the transformational cycle that your planet is going through. Through this monumental dimensional transition of change taking place, nothing can be the same, as it has previously been known.

Within this prevailing phase, the 3rd dimensional illusion can no longer be held in place. There are cracks appearing through the veils that have been holding this illusion in place in order for you to have your full human experience. Now you can begin to see how old patterns are basically breaking down; revelations through your own personal life and throughout your country are being exposed. That which does not contain Truth, that is based on illusion, is being revealed.

Expression of change
Now is the time for you to move forward to receive your own personal expression of change. As you choose to reach forward aligning through your heart space, you can receive a new experience of being.

Today, right now, you are being asked to simply stop struggling and to open up in a state of acceptance, letting everything fall away in this moment and to witness all that you have created for yourself at this time.

By accepting where you are in this moment in your life, your struggle ends. An aspect of the illusion here on your planet is “the need to struggle.” The time for struggle is coming to an end through this energetic dimensional expansion on your planet.

The state of self-acceptance involves you being willing to let go and to open up to all of your imperfections of who you are in this moment within your humanness. Your struggle can end through self-acceptance. Through this acceptance, you will be able to open into an expanded dimensional unlimited moment. Within this space you will experience peace. You will find rest. You will know Truth.

Change happens
This is your time to do things differently in your life, to make changes in the way you live with your self on the planet. Change happens by making a decision to do something other than what you have been doing. Open up into the action of holding your self in a moment of compassion and patience. One moment of self-acceptance brings change. Self-acceptance is self-love.

The key realization is for you to understand your own imperfection, and to accept the fact that as a human being you are “perfectly imperfect.” Your striving to do it “right” or to do it perfectly is impossible to fulfill. You need to recognize that your inner design as a human being has been, and still is, for you to make mistakes in order to learn. You have come here to have a learning experience. We honor your human process! And even more importantly, you need to honor your own human process!

This dimensional energetic pulse is now flowing across your planet. This pulse is creating new vibrational life force energy for change. This flow of energy emerging from this pulse is designed for you to be able to more easily “let go” and open into the sacred moments of your life. This pulse is changing the vibrational forms of the illusion that are here on the planet, so that you will be able to identify the various forms of illusion more readily than ever before.

A new path
Today is your first day to begin a new path, one step at a time and one breath at a time. As you choose to take this step of self-acceptance, the cells of your body can begin to align to the changing energetic rhythm of this pulse that is birthing a dimensional framework on your Earth plane. The cells of your own body will be able to adjust to this pulse, moving through a metamorphosis that will be able to support your inner transformation towards no longer being held within this illusion.

This flowing energy will allow you to move beyond these webs of illusion that have been preventing you from being able to make changes within your process of living. Now you can consciously be present with yourself in the moment, and take back full ownership of your life differently than ever before.

You have come here to have a human experience and you have done this for lifetimes. Now in this lifetime you are moving into another time frame in which you are to birth into the greater part of yourself, your higher Self. This is the time for your spiritual aspect to re-emerge through you and for you to resurrect that sacred part within you. This process of your resurrection plays a major part in your homecoming process.

Many of you are already on that pathway and are experiencing aspects of your sacred nature. Yet, you are still experiencing a restriction, a veil in place keeping you in a separated place from deeply anchoring and sourcing from your Higher Realm place. This separating veil is now being released on your planet and giving you a stabilized access to that sacred aspect of you. This is a destiny time for many of you who are on the path to make a shift forward into a different way of being here on the planet.

Compassion and love
Many significant factors are coming into play through this transitional phase and you are being called to make some important changes in the way you are living. There is a great need for you to begin to approach humanity in a state of compassion and love. Of course, to be able to achieve this you will need to begin the process of opening up into a state of your own self with acceptance, compassion and love. Remember, this is accomplished by accepting your own imperfections!

Actualizing this process successfully requires you to align to moments of understanding the full Truth of your personal journey here on the earth plane. With each moment of experiencing these Truths, the cells of your body can transform. Each cell is capable of holding and anchoring the energy and the frequencies contained in your moments of Truth. These sacred energetic moments become accumulative within your cells.

The Sacred Truths
Below are the sacred Truths that will liberate you from struggle in your life now. You will need to open up to these steps as a Truth. From this place of understanding you begin to utilize the framework listed here, applying it to your self and your own life experiences. As you meditate on these statements and open up to your individual experience you can begin to let go of the self judgment, guilt and struggle, all the illusion that you have been holding onto within:

  • Accept that you have come here to have a series of experiences in order to learn.
  • There are no wrong choices. Each decision has brought you a new learning experience.
  • Through each of these series of experiences in your life that you have created, you have done the very best you could in each moment.
  • You are meant to make mistakes, receive the learning experience and then move on…and let go.
  • You are not responsible for anyone else’s experiences, only your own.
  • You are not a victim. You have never been a victim. You have simply played out your role perfectly to have the desired experience.

An essential aspect
To move into your full transition of awakening, you need to transform your relationship with your human aspect. This is an essential aspect of your sacred process.

For your full liberation, there must be a deep understanding of all your human vulnerabilities. Part of the illusion on this Earth plane has been that you cannot become enlightened until you reach perfection. This has created an enormous inner separation within you as you try to do everything perfectly. This struggle has accelerated this separating element within you.

We remind you again that your state of imperfection is a natural aspect of your humanness. A key element of your enlightenment process includes the acceptance of your human imperfections.

There needs to be a resolution restored within you. Through opening to these sacred Truths, you can begin to reconcile within yourself aspects of your life that have not been fully resolved. This is the time for your self-restoration.

We witness you and support this aspect of your journey. Know that all is in hand. Let go and allow the natural current of your own life force to take you and hold you. Blessings, The Pleiadians

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Christine Day
Christine Day is a leading spiritual teacher, healer, channel and author. Following a traumatic childhood in her native Australia, Christine was diagnosed with advanced Systemic Lupus at the age of 31 and given a short time to live. Shortly afterward, she experienced a profound spiritual awakening with the Pleiadians, the energy of which moved her to a place of complete self-healing. Since then Christine has been presenting Pleiadian Events, Seminars and Transmissions of Light throughout the United States and internationally. Visit www.ChristineDayOnline.com.


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