The Sacred Feminine

Let the feminine have her way with you. Let the full moon encourage you to lose what is blocking you and to accept what is coming into you. As you are within your spiritual transformation, associating the full moon with sacred feminine and with chaos, learn to love the chaos. Be accepting and surrender into it as best you can without harming yourself or others. Let your feminine be free.

Sacred feminine can be felt as mundane feminine. Everyone has a moon time, for we are both genders merely appreciating one over the other. We are both and have all of the needed equipment. Let this give you permission to get into the feminine side of the brain and be creative! Embody the expanding heart and be loving and nurturing and maternal! Let the masculine order and dominance fade for a time as you embrace that sacred touch of the sacred mother this month and every month.

The rose is a symbol of love and a symbol of truth and a symbol of sacred femininity. The beautiful rich red rose of the first chakra that houses our own impending grace as identified with Shakti Kundalini. Kundalini is all about love and the transformations that come from the multi aspects of love. The gentle yielding love of the feminine and the unyielding fierce love of the sacred mother.

The love of maternal nurturing and the harsh love of lessons being given and received all converge in the love of God and Goddess upon the physical being. Let the springtime give you the love of the “Sacred Mother” as she guides us and transforms us and helps us to embrace our imperfections while changing them in the process.

We are the product of that love. Our seed of grace upon this world is waiting to expand and be formed within the warmth and fecundity of this nurturing planet.

SHE represents our ascension into our inner balance as we carefully grasp our issues and learn how to balance them through the direct assistance of the divine within us. The leaves of her love give us protection and the strength to express through us as we learn to fearlessly go and do within ourselves as we are given from the inner grace to go and do in the outer world of challenge.

The sacred feminine captures us with her truth, as truth is a main expression of the sacred mother — for is it not she that knows our secrets and our dreams of life and nurtures our response to those quests of formation? Is it not she that provides for us and breathes through us as we inhale the cold morning air and bathes us in raindrops like tears of joy?

It is from the manifestation of life on this world that is nurtured through the sacred feminine that we are able to exist at all. Let us conspire with her upon and within ourselves to assist our reach into the inner and outer heavens.



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