The Spiritual Purpose of Menopause


A younger woman’s birthing system procreates physical life — babies. As a woman matures, her birthing system changes. This is called menopause. These menopausal years will become a time of sacred change for each woman.

Indigenous cultures understood this important time, one of deeper contemplation and self-awareness…awakening the Elder, the Crone, the wise woman. Your birthing process now becomes an experience of expanded spiritual awareness and co-creation. During this process, you will be reborn and all that you create manifests sacredness and understandings. If you are aware of this opportunity, it is an easier transformation.

If you are unaware, then blocked fears and unresolved issues can make this transformation confusing, painful and difficult. Living in our modern culture, devoid of true spiritual guidance, we have forgotten our sacred nature — but, do not deny the importance of your spiritual self, for it is the truth of which you are.

To become a participant during your sacred time of menopause, awareness of your multi-dimensional nature is essential. You become more complete with the physical aspect of the world, while deepening your focus into the Spiritual World revealed from deep within. This is a sacred time — a most sacred journey — awakening into self.

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