The Unmasking: Revealing the True Divine Feminine

The Moon Rises
Draped with her silvery shawl
In what seems an instant
She drops the icy garment
To reveal the adamantine Sun

For she is truly both
Moon and Sun
One in the same
Sometimes co-existing in the same sky
Visible and obvious to those who truthfully perceive her
Those who can interpret
Up-lighting the multidimensional reality
Of the One
Light in the Darkness
Light in the Light

Spontaneously uniting the grace leadership compassion and eternity
Of Martin Luther King
With the toughness wisdom and integrity
Of Bernie Sanders

This little bird knows
A common Portland female House Finch
Alighting near
Then on the podium
To say
I know
I know it has been hard
This life
Of work and toil
For the ease of others

Now it is time to sing
Sing the song of joy and freedom
To build a new country of access
And love
And plenty

You may ask her
She tweets

The answer is in all of us
All kinds of us
Deep down
Waiting to be revealed
By working together
Joining with nature
To live in the peace that we all deserve

Soar with me
For the new day is here

This poem was inspired by a little bird that appeared on the podium at Bernie Sanders’ presidential rally in Portland, Ore., on March 24, 2016. Read about it and view a short video here.



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