Creativity and Intuition


Brilliance and intuition come from thoughts and energies beyond that which we normally access during our daily life. Some fortunate people, including great artisans, inventors, healers, etc, connect to something beyond the norm. But we all know when we see/hear brilliance, including intuitive moments.

Once in a while, you might access something beyond your small minded ego-self, transposing you into deeper understandings, written words, art and creativity or concepts. Doing something creative while in this state can self-actualize beyond mediocrity, reminding us of something greater while we are deeply moved.

How can we tap into brilliant moments where inspired thoughts and ideas come from? We hear stories of people finding their inspirations from their dreams. You might be inspired during relaxing daydreams, or possibly a thought flows through you while you are in a state of deep concentration. These moments can create a brain shift, allowing consciousness to flow beyond your intellectual mind, entering into a moment of expansion.

This is the state in which you access the brilliance of your intuitive and creative potential.

I help unblock others using a technique I call Spiritual Purification, which connects us to our multidimensional reality. The Beings of Light, including Ascended Masters and Angels of Light, orchestrate each session. That is how and where we can access our brilliance, which is our divine Potential. During experiential workshops, I teach effective techniques for this very purpose, and in working with others privately, we dive deeply into old beliefs and unresolved experiences, while transforming and resolving whatever is in the way of a fluid connection with the Spiritual World.

This awakens one’s innate spiritual talents. I have found that Spiritual Purification is the fastest and most effective way to advance oneself in order to realize one’s purpose, while connecting to what is bigger and greater than ourselves. This is how ingenious downflows of brilliance are accessed during these states of expanded connectedness.

An exercise
This is an exercise to help activate your creative and intuitive self: While gently and quietly walking in nature, allow your body to relax with every step. Allow yourself to feel the wind on your skin while listening to the many sounds around you. Feel your body, the way you move and breathe. Deeply inhale the fragrance of nature around you. Continue relaxing more deeply as you walk. Stop when inspired, and appreciate colors, fragrance and shapes while more deeply noticing the natural world.

This will help you to expand your conscious self. Allow your thoughts to flow. Prevent your academic/intellectual monkey mind from taking over your thoughts by staying present and connecting your natural world.

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